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  1. arif69

    House/Deep House

    Processing Vessel - Tienes Mi Amor
  2. arif69

    House/Deep House

    Gurhan - Adios (Original Mix)
  3. arif69

    House/Deep House

    Qess feat. Ursula Rucker - Spaces in Between
  4. arif69

    House/Deep House

    Saint Desire - Voice Of Reason (Ocean Gaya Remix)
  5. arif69

    House/Deep House

    Adeline - After Midnight (Kraak & Smaak Extended Remix)
  6. arif69

    Anyone here also into Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Lo-Fi or Chill-Hop music?

    Proxy Brides - Toute La Nuit
  7. arif69

    The Psybient / Psychill / Ambient Thread

    Nimanty & Solarsoul - The Starry Sky
  8. arif69

    The Psybient / Psychill / Ambient Thread

    Astral Electronic - Solar Winds
  9. arif69

    ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe De Luca - Love Is A Drug (XiJaro & Pitch Extended Mix) [Anjunabeats]

    It's just a typical trance track. Nothing reversible. My rating is 5.5 out of 10.
  10. arif69

    Dark theme or Light Theme - Which do you prefer?

    I'm a little late to the party on this one. I used to prefer the Light Theme. However, after using the Dark Theme for a while, I've decided to make it my current Trancefix Theme.
  11. arif69

    OUT Ronski Speed - Ayuma (Extended Mix) [Subsculture]

    Wow, this was a banger. The entrance and buildup were excellent, however the breakdown could have been darker. Still, the breakdown was not too horrible; it felt optimistic. I believe the acid ingredient was overused from 5:00 to 6:00. If it had been less punchy, it would have been better. It's...
  12. arif69

    SUPER-FROG SAVES TRANCE - Straw Man Album Review

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough review. The track "Kyoto" in particular appealed to me.
  13. arif69

    Grum - Unreality (Artist Album) [Anjunabeats]

    Grum is one of the Anjuna musicians I'm looking forward to listening to. I hope this album comes out well. However, I did not enjoy "Grum feat. Sealine-Disconnected." I'm hoping the rest of the tracks aren't as terrible as this one.
  14. arif69

    Aquarius - Sunrise [White]

    More layers are needed to make this tune truly engaging. It just plays on the safe side. Simple and basic, which makes it uninteresting in general.
  15. arif69

    Your most loved and meaningful rock music tracks?

    Thanks to GTA San Andreas for introducing me to this song.
  16. arif69

    Travel - Bulgarian [1998]

    I prefer the Signum Remix.
  17. arif69

    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    It would have been better if it had been a surprise.
  18. arif69

    The Gaming Thread

    I recently finished Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. For me, it was one of the most surprising games of 2021. I didn't expect this game to be so enjoyable. It reminded me of the game Mass Effect.
  19. arif69

    OUT Motives - Gone / Games [Colorize]

    Gone is better than Games, in my opinion.