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  1. Uplifted

    Astral Projection - Into The Void [Sacred Technology]

    Astral Projection are musicians who needs little to no introduction. Whether it be through their blistering studio productions or their inimitable, high energy sets there is a name that has become synonymous with quality and consistency. It is these attributes that they now brings to Sacred...
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    Alphazone appreciation thread

    Alphazone (Alexander Zwarg & Arne Reichelt) is my favourite trance duo without a doubt, so I decided to create this thread in order to share my favourites with you and discover some new stuff. They made so many gems that I'm still discovering some nowadays. I can listen to their stuff all day...
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    Robert Miles - Red Zone [1995]

    Amazing track from Robert Miles which deserves more attention. Part 1 kinda sounds like something Rank 1 and Marino Stephano would collaborate on. Melancholic, dreamy and simply magic - it's my favourite here. Robert Miles - Red Zone (Part 1) Part 2 gives me the goa+techy...
  4. Uplifted

    OUT Paul Miller - Trance Fever (Artist Album) [Music En Route]

    A brand new 16-track-album from a Polish uplifting genius Paul Miller is out now on his own label Music En Route. I really enjoyed a track called "Razem" which is a collab with Marc van Linden. It means "Together" in Polish and it's absolutely amazing. You can clearly hear that Marc decided to...
  5. Uplifted

    Planet Hill - L'Arte Di Vivere / Vision Is... [2004]

    L'Arte Di Vivere = The Art Of Living. This track was the discovery of this year for me. After @DazTC has uploaded it on the Trance Classics YouTube channel in January 2021 I instantly fell in love with it and put it into my top 50 trance tracks ever list. Simply incredible track with the...
  6. Uplifted

    Astral Projection - Mahadeva (incl. Remixes) [1995]

    One of the iconic psytrance tracks from the legendary Astral Projection, my favourite goa trance project ever along with Man With No Name. I always considered goa trance as the purest form of trance - and this 1995 version would be still amazing and fresh-sounding after hundreds and thousand of...
  7. Uplifted

    Liquinoid ‎- Substance (incl. PPK Space Club Mix) [2003]

    Found out about the original track only yesterday thanks to Lange vinyl set. Amazing track and the only one made by russian guy Kirill Pojev. Liquinoid ‎- Substance (Original Mix) It was released on Uplifto Records and also got a remix from it's owners, famous by their hit "Resurrection". I...
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    OUT Activa - Tri-Series Part Three [Activa Music]

    Activa - Disharmonic Activa - Someone Else's Dream P.S. I'd call first tune "Airwave - Alone In The Dark (Activa Remix)", hehe.
  9. Uplifted

    Bas & Ram ‎- Speed Of Light (incl. Geoffrey Whiteman Remix) [2005]

    I thought I knew all Alphazone tunes by now, as they're my favourite project ever, but only 2 days ago I discovered this FANTASTIC energetic 2005 tune which just blew me away! :eek: As discogs says, Geoffrey Whiteman is Georg Weiss but the remixes were made by Arne and Alexander from...
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    DJ Mind-X & Friends - Love Freedom Tolerance (incl. Remixes) [2001]

    Yesterday, while listening to twitch streams, I've discovered this beautiful "piano" remix from Fridge. Before this I thought "Angel" and "Paradise" were his top productions, but this one now conquered my heart & soul as well :) Also this has been an official Streetparade 2001 Anthem! DJ...
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    Trance tracks with air raid siren sample

    If you know some, please post tracks which sample the air raid siren! 🚨⚠️ This one comes from Stefan Melis & Yves Deruyter. Aqua Contact - La Sirena [1993] (sample starts right from the start) The only track Ace da Brain & Marc la Cruz made under "Dare Devils" project. Dare Devils - ...
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    Discodroids - Interspace (incl. Remixes) [1997]

    Discodroids was a project between Ferry Corsten & Peter Nijborn. Some of you might know this beauty from 'Red Jerry - Deeper Euphoria', 'Trancemaster 17', or 'Forbidden Paradise 6 (Valley Of Fire)' compilations. I think this release is highly underrated, knowing the Ferry's popularity -...
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    Tannino & Di Carlo ‎- Nice Trip [1995]

    These 2 amazing tracks were made by italian duo Mauro Tannino & Stefano Di Carlo. Discovered this duo few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with their music. Mauro Tannino unfortunately died 12th of August 2000 in Ravenna in a parachuting accident, and Stefano di Carlo still makes music (you...
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    Freeform/Hard NRG thread

    Post your favourite freeform tunes :) Alek Száhala - Balaĝ Lamará Tyranoid & Strongstream vs Substanced - Still Hope Cyanide Project - Overheat Oli G & Shanty - Reign Of Terror
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    Brainchild ‎- Symmetry (incl. Remixes) [1999]

    Brainchild was an alias of Matthias Hoffmann aka Cygnus X. "Symmetry (C-Mix)" was quite a popular track after it got released on Eye Q Records in 1994 along with P-Mix, then the remixes were out in 5 years on Multiply Records. Personally I consider Symmetry as one of the most iconic Eye Q...
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    Vincent De Moor ‎- Promo Album (Unreleased)

    I just had to make a separate thread for this amazing news. A full unreleased Vincent de Moor album from 2005 was shared on YouTube only 2 days ago, first time in the history of trance music! All thanks to Tim Worth who kindly provided the white label album copy with the YouTube user billski...
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    KayCee ‎- Millennium Stringz [1999]

    My favourite creation from Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin under KayCee alias. Between these 3 versions I choose Club Mix as my favourite - Vocal Mix has too much vocals, Instrumental Mix completely lacks them and Club Mix has the lyrics which fit just perfectly 😁 I also consider...
  18. Uplifted

    Mike Koglin ‎- 1:1.618 (incl. Pulser Remix) [2005]

    Brilliant release from Mike Koglin. Pulser remix is my favourite here, it's mysterious atmosphere reminds me of "Arc In The Sky - Vainqueur (7AM At Heaven's Gate Mix)", one of my favourite tunes. Mike Koglin - 1:1.618 (One To One Point Six One Eight) (Original Mix) Mike Koglin - 1:1.618 (One...
  19. Uplifted

    Central Love II - Traum [1999]

    Fantastic track from Central Love II aka Dj Hooligan.. Feels like it's transforming my consciousness, such a beautiful and inspiring piece! 🥰 Central Love II- Traum (Club Mix) Central Love II - Traum (Extended Mix)
  20. Uplifted

    Top 1000 trance tracks by Uplifted

    Decided to spend my all free time for the past few weeks on making my personal top 1000 progressive, uplifting, tech, hard and a few psychedelic trance tracks. I did something similar 2 years ago with selecting my 100 favourites, and 8 years ago with selecting my 100 vocal and 100 instrumental...