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  1. Electronlyman

    Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix) [Review]

    Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix) Thomas has been known for his high quality Trance music, since about 20 years by now. His tracks have been released and played by pretty much most of the giants of the scene, like Tiesto, PVD, Ferry Corsten, AVB, Matt...
  2. Electronlyman

    Jean Michel Jarre - Aero (Aquarius Remix) [not on label]

    This was uploaded on the 1st of January 2022. I have since found out, that this remix was produced by a 16 year old (!!) I have promised myself, to do everything I can, to support and motivate this young talent. Lets show him our support, he deserved that! So good at it, at such a young age!
  3. Electronlyman

    The Digital Blonde - N3ON [Review]

    The Digital Blonde - N3ON At over three and a half hours, this is Ricky Smith's third and likely, the last installment to the NEON serie. The man himself started producing back in the 80s, his first release being under the alias 'New Egypt'. He has achieved recognition and respect, after...
  4. Electronlyman

    OUT Rom Di Prisco - Spacetime Re-Calculation (Remix Album) [Bandcamp Release]

    Spacetime Re-calculation is a remix album combining modern production and mixing with the classic Rom Di Prisco sound of the 90s. It's a celebration of the past and future of electronic music while staying true to its roots. If you enjoy Rom's work from the Unreal Tournament, Need for Speed, or...
  5. Electronlyman

    Tracks That You Play In Particular Order (Creating Journeys)

    I love making playlists and creating journeys through careful selection of the tracks' order. Which tracks would you play one after another and why? Here's three tracks that I love playing in this particular order: Airwave - I Want To Believe (Dolphin Mix) Followed by Schiller - Das...
  6. Electronlyman

    Airwave – Trilogique (Remastered + Re-Invented) [Review]

    Airwave - Trilogique (Remastered + Re-Invented) The legendary album from 2006 has been released (06.11.2020) on physical format once again, sporting new mastering and a fourth disc, with 11 all new interpretations, created by Laurent Véronnez himself. This is a limited edition release, so act...
  7. Electronlyman

    The Progressive Breaks Thread

    Couldn't believe this thread wasn't already started, so here we go. :) I'll start it off in style, with this freshly released masterpiece! :love: Madis - St. Mary's Trumpeter
  8. Electronlyman

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful (TBA)

    MOSHIC - Free & Beautiful From his upcoming album Major tune! :love:
  9. Electronlyman

    HOT RIGHT NOW - YouTube Playlist

    I figured it wouldn't be bad at all to create a dedicated thread for those of us, who enjoy listening, creating YouTube playlists. 🙂 This will hopefully be a great way to find new gems, discover music previously unknown to us.. I'll start off with a short 5-track one that I've put together in...
  10. Electronlyman

    DJ Orkidea - Pure Progressive Vol. 1 [Review]

    DJ Orkidea - Pure Progressive Vol. 1 Two disc combination of new artist album and DJ mix compilation. Four years in the making, Orkidea's new record has been released on Friday (17.07.2020). Lucky to have gotten my copy ahead of the official release, I present you the theme of my memorable...
  11. Electronlyman

    DJ D.O.C. - Entspannungstherapie (DJ Tandu & DJ Allan McLoud Therapie Mix) [1999 - Reaktor Records]

    DJ Tandu & DJ Allan McLoud Therapie Mix Original Mix There are a lot of classics that are special to me. Here's one of them! It starts off with sweeping pads and spoken vocal, really setting the mood for the rest of the journey. Those pads are what really makes this track for me, coupled...