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  1. Matteo

    Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Orbit [VANDIT]

    Released on Vandit: 04/07/2022 Marc van Linden & D-Gor - Orbit I haven't seen a thread about this track therefore here it is. Kinda digging this one, even if, to me, sounds like a ripoff of Sonicvibe & Mike Shiver - Lunation (Masters &...
  2. Matteo

    Aly & Fila feat. Richard Bedford - Edge Of Tomorrow [FSOE]

    Sounds promising. Richard's voice is out of this world!
  3. Matteo

    Stoneface & Terminal & Robert Nickson - From The Sun [PURE TRANCE (BLACK HOLE)]

    I definitely like this one despite not being the best effort from the three of them.
  4. Matteo

    Kyau & Albert - Where Did All the Years Go (DJ Version) [Euphonic]

    Lovely vocals! I must say today's 123-126 BPM tracks are giving me more pleasure in listening than 138 BPM ones
  5. Matteo

    OUT Activa vs. Mac & Monday - A Light In The Dark [Borderline]

    Despite not being his best work, I have to say that it's better than 90% of today's uplifting tracks.
  6. Matteo

    Trancemaster - Release It [2019]

    Out on Jan. 14 Both tracks seem to come from 20 years back, great EP!
  7. Matteo

    Activa & Slipstream - Cassini [Pure Trance]

    I may sound absurd but the first notes in the breakdown remind me of Scooter - Jigga Jigga
  8. Matteo

    OUT Shugz X Symmetrik - Triplicity [Subculture]

    This one has Alphazone written all over, mega tune!
  9. Matteo

    Factor B - Sea Of Thoughts [Theatre Of The Mind]

    Not my TOTY but it may make it to my personal Top 25, outstanding!
  10. Matteo

    OUT Stoneface & Terminal - Hebra [FSOE]

    It sounds like Linkin' People but I like it
  11. Matteo

    OUT Aly & Fila With JES - Sunrise [Armind]

    Really likin' this one. Something different, darker and slower from A&F. Despite the vocals do no fit 100% well, they're massive!
  12. Matteo

    Trancemaster - Release It [2019]

    Damn, this is gorgeous! Any more news about it? Artist, release date...
  13. Matteo

    OUT Joint Operations Centre feat. Kate Miles - Behind The Silence (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Subculture] + Instrumental Mix [FREE]

    I totally agree with you, but, to me, this JOC Remix is way better than many of the tracks released recently.
  14. Matteo

    OUT Joint Operations Centre feat. Kate Miles - Behind The Silence (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Subculture] + Instrumental Mix [FREE]

    Just wow! I kinda dig that oldschool vibe. I have a feeling it's going to be one of my favourite of 2021.
  15. Matteo

    OUT Estuera - Elpida [Magik Muzik]

    Damn, in love with it since the very first listening. Welcome back, Jonas Steur!
  16. Matteo

    OUT Solarstone - S3000 [Pure Trance Recordings]

    I like the tribal feel in it, but overall the track does not convince me.
  17. Matteo

    OUT Factor B - The Unforgiven [Pure Trance]

    Well, I have to agree with the majority of people here. Factor B has crafted some nice tracks but over the last year and a half his sound has become predictable. I still believe 'Stratos Galaxias' is his best track.
  18. Matteo

    OUT David Forbes & Will Rees - Sub Zero [Outburst]

    Ops, my bad, sorry. I was thinking 09 but wrote 10.