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  1. BlueSoho

    Analogue Relaxation

    Thanks for the nice words mate, more to come this year. Including a new EP from John Beltran :)
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    Analogue Relaxation

    From our new label Oath Soundcloud Goddard's album was released as 2xLP - gatefold cover / 180g. :coffee:
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    OUT The Blizzard - Sea Shells [Blue Soho Recordings]

    There is absolutely no dispute between our label and Hazem; he is still a good friend of mine but decided to take another route musically. We still release music via Red Soho, doing its A&R independently. We decided to host The Blizzard on our main label, well, cause they are The Blizzard, and...
  4. BlueSoho

    A Trance Hall of Fame, only 20 make the cut. Who makes it in? Who is the GOAT?

    Paul van Dyk. He is the originator, probably has more influence on other superstar names than any other one. Masterminded For Success, which is the best trance (it did not release solely trance but anyway) label ever created IMHO was armed with PvD's stone-cold classics. Armin van Buuren...
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    OUT Terk Dawn pres. Divinity Of Mind - Alpha Centauri (Inc. Vascotia & Six Senses Remixes) [Blue Soho]

    If you take a look at his socials you will see he focuses on way different stuff than music. It looked like he was fed off of trance music. The good news, he did not leave music producing totally. Not everybody knows but in 2019 he collaborated with Bolier under NVO alias which means in the...
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    OUT Terk Dawn pres. Divinity Of Mind - Alpha Centauri (Inc. Vascotia & Six Senses Remixes) [Blue Soho]

    No worries mate, you know doing this just for the sake of listening to good trance and chasing it as much as I can. Funabashi, Kamil Polner, Samuelzone, Mike Shiver's Catching Sun, Monogato, Terk Dawn, Kaveh Azizi, George Hales, Sonicvibe (for me, his release one of our most underrated...
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    OUT Terk Dawn pres. Divinity Of Mind - Alpha Centauri (Inc. Vascotia & Six Senses Remixes) [Blue Soho]

    We are always eager to hear criticism over our releases, so do not worry about it. As an indie label with a limited budget, our A&R system is pretty simple: We sign the tunes we like to listen in first place. Our squad is working on several different projects (for example, I started a new...
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    OUT Alex Wright - Airglide [Blue Soho]

    Thank you, guys! Alex is a talent indeed, loving every release from him so far.
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    Daniel Kandi - Talking Waves [Blue Soho Recordings]

    He made it from scratch :) We particularly asked to have something that presents old Kandi vibes and he delivered :)
  10. BlueSoho

    OUT Nuera - Encode EP [Soho Opus]

    Not a trance EP and his last trancy-track was Serene and he does not have any future plans to make another one :)
  11. BlueSoho

    Funabashi - Back To The Future (Incl. Daniel Kandi Remix) [Blue Soho Recordings]

    Definitely will be released in Q1 of 2021 guys, it's not clear yet since Mr. Kandi has a busy schedule and we do not want to clash our release with his ones 🥳
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    OUT VA - The Manifesto (Blue Soho's 10th Anniversary)

    Hoyaa and Slam Duck are out. Nuera's Serene is out in 10 days, Andrea Ribeca and Harmonic Rush will be released as extended in January, and other will follow. Temple One pres. Cosmic Mystery is also coming first. Funabashi's track will be released with a Daniel Kandi remix. All of them will...
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    OUT VA - The Manifesto (Blue Soho's 10th Anniversary)

    Both mixes are uploaded to our TranceAtmosphere TV channel 🥳