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  1. speedsound

    Pink Floyd - Samples and Vocals / 16-Bit WAV * DOWNLOAD NOW!

    PACK PREVIEW: This PINK FLOYD pack includes exclusive samples and vocals for remixes, mash-ups and remakes. It's an amazing package for all PINK FLOYD fans! 149 Audio Files 16-Bit WAV Download Size: 1.75 GB DOWNLOAD LINK...
  2. speedsound

    Ableton Live - Future Psytrance Templates

    PACK PREVIEW: 'Future Psytrance' by Speedsound is a Psychedelic Trance Template for Ableton Live 8.3 that delves into the mind of the best Psytrance producers so you can learn how to use Ableton Live to produce Psytrance. The project folder contains Audio Channels as well as MIDI Drum Racks...