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    Orinoko - Island [2000]

    Just discovered this track! Great tune. Nice piano and ambiance. Extended vocal mix Someone else can post the Thrillseekers mix :)
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    T.R.C. - The Anthem (Heavens Wire Mix) [2005]

    Rare hard trance track from Japan whose full version just appeared on Youtube this year. This track first appeared in a promo along with another Heavens Wire production. There is no "The Anthem (Original Mix)" available. Other fun facts from Discogs: T.R.C. stands for "Tokyo Rave Crew" and...
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    Robert Vadney - The Undead Bride [2008]

    Super interesting creepy tech release. You don't hear trance this dark too often. Love the bell/chime sound used throughout and the eerie, unnerving feeling. You might want to hear this with headphones rather than blasting it out loud due to the crying sample. Overall, one of the more unique...
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    Planisphere - The Eyes of Truth [1999]

    Intense uplifting trance from Airwave. It's like an alternate version of his Green Martian work. This is the B-side of Deep Blue Dream, by the way!
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    Aes Dana - Journey Back [2001]

    Atmospheric goa/psytrance from the chill out expert Aes Dana. Unfortunately I couldn't find a high-fidelity version on Youtube. Maybe the original was recorded lo-fi? Either way, nice change of pace, and good entrancing sound design.
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    Simon Patterson - Different Feeling (incl. Filterheadz remix) [2008]

    Different feeling from his standard tech-trance, indeed. The Filterheadz remix is the better version of the two, imo. You can tell it's been inspired heavily by Deadmau5's style. I would argue that it's still decent progressive trance with a nice soundscape. The original mix is housier but...
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    Nostradamus - L' Ultima Profezia [1996]

    Old-school Italian trance. Reminds me a bit of Faithless', SASH!'s, and Brainbug's work from that time. Found it on the old-school disc Ultima Profezia, a 1996 trance/progressive trance compilation. Other album highlights to be posted later: Subway Family - Continuum - Claudio Diva (Veronika...
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    P.H.A.T.T. & Jennie Rix - Eternal [2007] (incl. Technikal remix)

    Intense hard-trance that became immensely popular in the early days of Youtube. Hadn't heard this in a while! The Technikal remix has reached close to 4.75 million views, which is very impressive for a track that pretty much only resides on Youtube and was released just once. Personally, I love...
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    Sinatic - Fantasy [2006]

    NOTE: this is an amateur production. (I guess I'll preface amateur productions like this from now on...) Fantasy is a straightforward uplifter that became mildly popular on the Internet thanks to Izzy Armendariz's ("Spac3Trance") Youtube upload on 27 Nov 2009, which as of the time of writing...
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    NemesisTheory - Trance Turnabout [2009]

    NOTE: This is an amateur production Trance Turnabout is a remix of the video game series Ace Attorney which combines 5 different songs from the OST into one trance-inspired song. The track sounds nothing like 2009-era trance, but more like a mellow version of early 2000s hard-trance (Alphazone...
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    JASEfos - Do What You Want (Max Graham Afterhours in Montreal Mix) [2004]

    Warning: vocals Nice ethereal progressive trance track by Max Graham. Claire's vocals are okay. I think they fit with the style of the track, though they sound a little bit metallic. The adlibs are neat, though! Alternate, trancier/clubbier mix by Max Graham (Third street mix) The...
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    John 00 Fleming's work for the Audio Network

    Now that JOOF's work for the Audio Network is drawing more attention on this forum (see the thread from the upcoming releases section), let's take a look at other productions JOOF has made for them. Galactic Transmissions was JOOF's 2018 project. This is basically JOOF experimenting with genres...
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    Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace [1990]

    Old-school slower-paced trance from the transition between EBM and classic trance. One of the earliest examples of "trance." Wild that this was released in Germany just 1 year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. B-side We Came in Peace: The 1990 mix that made Dance 2 Trance popular. I always...
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    Thoughts on Neotrance?

    Disclaimer: this isn't about the "neo-trance" genre from the 2000s that briefly trended on tranceaddict/other electronic music forums and that was basically minimal techno with melodies Neotrance in the 2022 sense is not a genre, but instead an aesthetic/style/theme. It's like "steampunk."...
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    Wraythe - Echo_Gate [2019]

    Neo-trance with elements from rock:
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    Tilt - I Dream [1995]

    Just discovered this track, and holy shit it's so good. I like how the Resurrection Mix blows up at the climax. The Casa de Angeles mix and/or Resurrection mix deserve to be among the best couple hundred trance tracks ever.. Casa de Angeles mix. Breeder vibes: Tilted Dub. Lower BPM, but I...
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    Evil Angel ft. Kym Marsh - Today [2004] (incl. Alphazone remixes)

    One of the better Alphazone tracks IMO. Superb hard trance that blows up when you think it's just about to lose energy. Alphazone dub mix: Alphazone Vocal mix: Original mix: I'm honestly glad Alphazone remixed this. They did a much better job than the original producer. Breeze & Styles...
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    Zero Crush - N.R.G. [2006]

    Japanese uplifting trance that became famous in the early years of Youtube thanks to trance youtubers. The "Number 3 Club mix" first appeared in this compilation released in Japan on Dec 20, 2006. In fact, the only version on Discogs is the Number 3 Club Mix, which is probably the version...
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    M.I.K.E. - Massive Motion [2005]

    One of my favorite M.I.K.E. tracks. It just feels so serious and dramatic and sounds oddly cacophonous, but it's great. Love to hear this style in his productions. Original: Enter-Ku mix: This version is more atmospheric and trancier, but it still retains the spirit of the original.
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    Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford - Thing Called Love [2011]

    Excelllent vocal track from their 2011 album Group Therapy.