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  1. jetflag

    Speedy J - Pepper (1994)

    Love the very few but effective elements (yes, I know thats Ironic coming from me)
  2. jetflag

    Ethnic tribal tropical techish trance with chants & such

    First rough mix of some of the ideas i had laying around in responds to the "There are no new ideas in trance thread" in the General Music Discussion section. fire at will.
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    Earth nation - Liquid Desert (No water mix) [1995]

    A lot of the System 7 stuff I listen to has this sound and i absolutely love it. from the defunct Eye Q US label.
  4. jetflag

    Nic Vegter - The Storm

    This one completely flew under my radar. not Nic's best work. but overall a solid track me thinks
  5. jetflag


    I can remember this thread being present in either the old trancefix or so here we go, I'll start with something wholesome.
  6. jetflag

    Global Interference - Genesis (original mix) [2004]

    One of Eelke Kleijn's lesser known aliases, love the plucky melodies and arp
  7. jetflag

    Summerish Tech Trance

    with a old school twist, or at least thats what I was aiming for. So i've got two hobbies, music making and crappy windsurf video edits. I had a couple of days off and decided to, for a change, make/use an own production under a surf-video edit and try and match the feel. be...
  8. jetflag

    Your opinion on the Dj's doing sets alone somewhere phenomenon

    This is something that's been on my mind for a while now and I was curious to see what you lot thought of it. so there's this curious and somewhat formulaic "thing" going on, presumably after covid snuk in in where you have 1 your (star) Dj. 2 a setting (the more generic ones involve some...
  9. jetflag

    Aerium vs Magnevi - LOTPOD058

    Guest mix for Legacy of Trance radio. (@Magnevi did most of the work)
  10. jetflag

    Woke culture and its effects on society

    In responds to the disagreement between @Hensmon, @dmgtz96 and me in the religion/spirituality thread on the scale of the problem in relationship to woke culture and male suicide rates in the west particularly. Hereby a topic starter where we can continiue the broader discussion, concerning...
  11. jetflag

    freebie bootleg: Endre - Kallocain (Aerium pres. Avalon 62 Soma mix)

    Something i've been dying to get fixed for quite a while now. My ambient interpretation of Endre's - Kallocain. Enjoy.
  12. jetflag

    Addition suggestion to the media (player embeds)

    as part of my exodus from google, i've setup a rumble account and liking it, Canadian made, Mostly normie stuff, no big tech/censorship. I can post direct links but no player embeds, any way to seeing this added? thanks!
  13. jetflag

    Alt Tech

    In the wake of the recent Silicon Valley diAlex Jones'ing of a sitting US president. Aswell as several years of eyebrows raised at for instance but not limited too: Dodgy privacy exchange terms between Whatsapp and FB, Disproportional deplatforming of conservative voices on Youtube, Toxicity and...
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    Get the Last Post

    You're all free to wish me to hell for this. Last.
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    nice forum, good to be back

    liking the layout. great to see things improved.