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  1. Manofearth

    Mikkel Rev - TRANS007 [Translusid]

    This is an ambient Trance album from the sub label of UTE. I have listened to most of it and found it very enjoyable and I think others will here to, when in the mood for a relaxing experience with well produced sounds.
  2. Manofearth

    Your Top 5 Armin Van Buuren Tracks

    I'm gonna do another one of these as I enjoy seeing the opinion and tracks shares in the forum. Armin has good back-catalogue with a wide range of styles. I'm sure we will get a big mixture of top tracks.. When making this thread I went back through my collection and was very impressed with how...
  3. Manofearth

    Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Straw Man [Artist Album] [Electronic Architecture]

    I heard this latest track Air Brake on Solarstone's radio show and have a feeling some will like it here. I certainly did. I also remember Kyoto from last year which was enjoyable. Both this track and that one will be featured on an upcoming album, of which I have yet to find a release date...
  4. Manofearth

    Your top 5 Ferry Corsten tracks - (Appreciation Thread)

    We had one for Airwave, and also one for M.I.KE. How about another legend? I don't know how many tracks he has but must be over 200, his alias' are also extensive like Laurent's, I can count about 25 in my music library. I was first introduced to him from a track under his Discodroid alias...
  5. Manofearth

    Roger Shah & Dominik Novak - Inside Out [Blackhole Recordings]

    It's been a while since I liked Shah track, he and Novak approach the track with a different style than his usual lighter and melodic feel. It uses the overdone techno synths but as its not the main element of the track I think it works. Inside Out
  6. Manofearth

    Basil O'Glue - Light You Cant See [JOOF]

    New single from Basil.
  7. Manofearth

    CAIN - Refined Rebellion EP [JOOF Aura]

    Refined Rebellion New World Irrational Accumulation I know all of the tracks on the label sounds identical nowadays but for whatever reason this release does it for me, despite that.
  8. Manofearth

    Simon Berry - Meow Meow [Platipus Recordings]

    Always has an interesting approach to his music.
  9. Manofearth

    Whats the best music events you've been too?

    I feel nostalgic this Sunday afternoon, reminiscent of the music and club culture I experienced in my early 20's, mainly the Progressive House, Trance and Techno scenes in the early 00's. It was life changing for me in all honesty. Music events shared with people seem to be the most powerful...
  10. Manofearth

    Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip (Inc James Holden Remix) [2000]

    There’s something magical about these two tracks. I heard the original live once and it has always remained with me. The Holden mix I find I listen to more though, for my home experience. James Holden Mix https://youtube/VMQ2op5cMi4 Original Mix
  11. Manofearth

    [Old] Progressive House music

    This was the genre I grew up on, before I properly started my love affair with Trance. I still hold many of the tracks and artists in high regards today, like Breeder, God Within, Sasha, Digweed, Hardkiss, Slacker, Young American Primitive etc. The British and American stuff was really good. And...