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  1. Hensmon

    OUT Ovnimoon & Barby and Feel - Love Inside [Ovnimoon Records] ovniep476

    Does Goa need to be reinvented? Ive heard this 1000 times before. I dont mind it but miss some original goa with more personality, different arrangements etc.
  2. Hensmon

    Charlotte De Witt - Universal Consciousness [KNTXT]

    Isn't this Techno in a nutshell though? I agree with you though, and it's not common for me to put these on as individual tracks for a listen all the way through. In a set however it sounds awesome though. Def music built for the live environment.
  3. Hensmon

    Selu Vibra - ID

    Such good ears. I could never hear a track and make such a call, good job. I think the track sounds pretty promising! Look forward to hearing the full thing.
  4. Hensmon

    Charlotte De Witt - Universal Consciousness [KNTXT]

    These are all pretty sick. Slaps hard, nice psy techno and trance combos. The first (Satori) and last (Ahism) tracks here are my pick but can get down with all of these. Satori Kali Universal Consciousness Ahisma
  5. Hensmon

    Meridian - Starving Dolphins [2001]

    Starving Dolphin has such nice synths. Meridian is also pretty nice too!
  6. Hensmon

    L.S.G. - Netherworld [1996]

    All the versions are pretty sweet. But I am gonna have to with PRIME! One of the best tracks every made, fucking love it! Even after 50+ listens I am still enjoying it to this day. Something about that melody.
  7. Hensmon

    OUT Lange, Skye - Drifting Away feat. Skye (GVN Extended Remix)

    Hey @Recharge please make sure to add [label] at the end of each thread title. Also... as per the rules you can only post 3 releases per day so had to delete one of the 4 from today. As for the track, I dont mind when artists remix classics in different styles or approaches as at least it has...
  8. Hensmon

    Techno Favourites

  9. Hensmon

    Platipus Records

    Two big favorites of mine! Sunday Club - All Because of You Narkotic - Blue
  10. Hensmon

    Orinoko - Island [2000]

    Vocal one was the first I heard and I dont mind them but the dub versions are superior, the track is so good it doesn't need the vocals. Thrillseekers remix is good but the prog vibes of the original is just too sexy, there is so much finesse. Love the balearic feel but also the touch of...
  11. Hensmon

    L-3P - Yhoran [SPT007 | [Space Trax]

    Liking these. Axtron and Yhoran my pick!
  12. Hensmon

    Airwave feat. Ludovic Meyer ‎– Batignolles Blues [2009]

    Subtara and Maori Levi mixes are sweet. Original also pretty damn nice too. Been a while since I played these.
  13. Hensmon

    Tastexperience - Time (Sunset Mix)

    lovely one isnt it
  14. Hensmon

    Dark theme or Light Theme - Which do you prefer?

    Sorry light theme fan boys but we will be killing it very soon. The recent and upcoming changes to the site makes it hard to maintain as everything must be duplicated and the white one is looking/feeling neglected. One day I might spend some time polishing up the light theme so it has same...
  15. Hensmon

    Art of Trance - A Time Before Time (Inc Remix) [Platipus Recordings]

    Really beautiful melodies. Rare for Simon to use the AoT alias nowadays. Was hoping for something a little more powerful/faster perhaps, as this style would still fit nicely when producing using his full name. Nice track though! Original Torsten Fassbender Remix
  16. Hensmon

    Kineta - UTE009 [Ute.Rec]

    Yeah the slower the pace gets on these releases the more I like em. Downtempo one is nice indeed, Scorpius probably second choice.
  17. Hensmon

    Omformer - Orbital/Molecular Contemplations [Sinesis]

    Orbital is pretty nice. Will def check out the hour mix too.
  18. Hensmon

    Kineta - UTE009 [Ute.Rec]

    Nice tracks. The artwork is just so sexy, really love it.