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    Modera - Inferno [Colorize]

    A relaxing prog house tune with gorgeous and evocative melodies.
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    Daniel Kandi - Child / Nova [2007]

    Melodies of both tracks have a dream-like magical quality to them that is not commonly found in today's trance. Nova is the more understated tune but Child remains my pick of the two - it's the classic uplifting that Kandi is known for.
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    OUT Factoria & Gregor Burney - Mergence [Borderline]

    Uplifting TOTY for me so far! Really like how the kick and bass kick in during the first min, and how it builds with the driving hi-hats and vocal chops. Once everything gets going in the climax, you get this real sense of speed and drive. It's difficult to put into words, but it's quite unlike...
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    Universal Solution - Ischia [Solar Storm]

    A stunning piece of dreamy, melodic prog. Melody is uplifting and the sweeping pads are ethereal. Ambient version is equally beautiful. Wasn't able to find it in Youtube so a Spotify link would suffice. Another similarly styled track would be Tom Middleton's WYV AUW CHU from 2013 which i also...
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    Analogue Relaxation

    Reich & Wurden - Grainscan Quite a nostalgic sounding track. Takes a while to build towards the climax (4:30 onwards). Listening to the siren/horn sounds reminds me of steam boats.
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    OUT Stoneface & Terminal vs Roger Shah - Ignite [FSOE]

    Quite like this! Liking how the synths develop in the breakdown. The minimal techno part whilst not overly impressive on its own, works well with the main lead as a whole. Don't think it's generic at all; stands out from the crowd as a quirky little tune.
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    OUT Factoria & Gregor Burney - Mergence [Borderline]

    Track got me hooked the first time hearing it in the Activa set a few months ago. Thought it was an Activa track tbh. Really like the bassline, vocal chops and the secondary riff.
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    OUT Sonic Element - Forgotten / Lost Past [Research & Development]

    Lost Past is lovely! Not the typical style of melody one would expect to hear in a prog breaks track, but works very well here.
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    OUT Ferry Tayle - A New Frequency [FSOE Fables]

    Sounds like a rip-off of 7 Skies & Static Blue - Central Park.
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    OUT Sonic Element - Gone Again [Borderline]

    Radio edit is available for listening on Bandcamp. It's got a good groove but lacks a memorable riff on first impression.
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    OUT Definitions & Andre Maier - The Gate [Borderline]

    Solid track. Bassline is real smooth. Melodies are neat too. Overall a classy production.
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    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    Otik - Neuron Blossom (2020)
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    OUT Orkidea - Taka Tiki Tum [Pure Progressive]

    It's got a good groove but too barebones.
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    Haylon - Starfight (Incl. Jonas Steur Remix) [2005]

    I've always loved the Jonas Steur remix. Melodies weaving in and out seamlessly and effortlessly. My favourite moment is when the chord stabs come in at 3:55. That melody is even better than the main pluck imo.
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    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    Agreed. No point wasting time commenting on a track you don't like (or you know you won't like from the start). Much better use of time listening to music one likes. There's so much music out there these days, past and present. I'd argue that it's impossible to not find music that is to one's...
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    Activa & Slipstream - Cassini [Pure Trance]

    It's not a particularly interesting track musically-speaking. However i disagree with the notion that well-engineered/produced music equates to being lifeless/devoid of emotion. Sonically it's an engaging track. It's very well mixed. Focusing my attention on each instrument and listening to how...
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    Avanto - The Flute (& remixes) [2004]

    Mike Shiver remix is my favourite out of the bunch. It's classic uplifting done very well.
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    Claes Rosen - True Love [Monstercat Silk]

    Claes has been putting out upbeat summery house for a number of years now. Been really enjoying his latest EP on Silk. True Love is a lovely melodic tune; my pick out of the three.
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    Temple One - Magic Moment [Always Alive]

    Really like the melodic ideas in this track. Didn't particularly impress me on first listen, but it quickly grew on me. The notes of the main melody may be simple, but the horn-like sound suits it perfectly. The secondary melody complements it very well. Of course, there are some downsides -...
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    The Chillout & Ambient Trance Thread

    This latest track on Bedrock has similar vibes to this one. I still like the Barker track better as the pads/swells have more movement to them.