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  1. ExDuelist

    Roger Shah & Susie Ledge - A Different Part Of Me [Magic Island/FSOE] [2018]

    Featured on "No Boundaries" album and later released as single on FSOE.
  2. ExDuelist

    Gai Barone - Red Wine [Soho Opus]

    Featured on "The Manifesto (Blue Soho 10th Year Anniversary)", it will finally be out on February 18th.
  3. ExDuelist

    Control Freaks - Subspace Interference [1998]

    Composed by Benno De Goeij, Piet Bervoets, Tijs Verwest.
  4. ExDuelist

    DJ Shog - Remember December (incl. Paul Miller Remix) [Drizzly] [2008]

    One of my 2008 most beloved uplifting tracks.
  5. ExDuelist

    DJ Panda - Listen... [Oxa/Red Gate Records] [1998/2016]

    A track that re-evokes my childhood... :)
  6. ExDuelist

    Roland Brant - Nuclear Sun [Désastre Records/ZYX Music] [1993/96]

    Legendary track. There are too many versions, so i'll simply put my favourites: Gianni Parrini Remix Original Trans Version Enjoy!
  7. ExDuelist

    Giuseppe Ottaviani - Linking People [Vandit Records / Armada] [2005]

    One of the best uplifters of all time.
  8. ExDuelist

    Moonbeam - Soulstring [Black Hole Recordings] [2015]

    I couldn't find a single thread about them, well... here it is: 💗
  9. ExDuelist

    Vincent de Moor - Mystique Colors [Black Hole Recordings] [2006]

    Now, that's what i call classy. Incredible work from VDM.