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    Aly & Fila x Billy Gillies - Kings (FSOE750 Anthem) [FSOE]

    Agreed. Much better than the previous many FSOE anthems. However, although it seems like most people didn't care for the FSOE 700 anthem from Paul Denton, I actually liked that one.
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    Dark theme or Light Theme - Which do you prefer?

    Dang. I was just about to post about where the light theme went because it is a lot easier on the eyes and for reading forum threads and posts... in my opinion.
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    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    This is also the track I have been waiting for to be released! Love it!
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    Ben Gold Feat. Plumb - Same Sky Same Stars

    Still waiting for his big ID. He played it on the ASOT special well before this track and nothing after that... still waiting. Sounds like he is going to be putting out a new album with all of these on it. If so, it sounds very promising.
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    Aly & Fila - Euphony [FSOE]

    Always love their tracks. Although this one is nice, it is rather forgettable. I am not eager to keep listening to it... 1 play and I've had enough. 🤷‍♂️
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    Ben Gold - ID [TBA]

    I also thought it was amazing when I heard it on this past ASOT show. Have listened to it like 20 times already. Can't wait for this one!
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    OUT Masters & Nickson ft. Justine Suissa - Out There (Sean Tyas Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

    Apparently now the preview on Beatport is the correct version, but the downloaded version is still incorrect. I like the updated version, and the Beatport preview is generously longer.. 2 min preview.
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    Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Phoenix Flying [VANDIT]

    Heard it on ASOT and had to go back and listen to this one several more times.