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    Capetown - Pitstop/Touch The Sky, Talk To The Stars (2002)

    Touch the Sky, Talk to the Stars Pitstop
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    R&B/Rap/Trip-Hop/Rap/Hip Hop Thread

    Post away the best R&B and Hip Hop Thread. I don't know a whole lot about the genres this is the type of the stuff I listened when I listened DJ Odilon. Ugly Duckling - Einsteins Takin Off Linkin Park - Cure for the Itch (RIP Chester)
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    Roger Shah - Interview with Muzikxpress

    BTW, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you won't miss out on my second interview with Roger about the beautiful "Lost", which he did with Zara! Plus many more interviews will be posted in the next weeks with people such as Jam El Mar (Jam & Spoon), Sian Evans (Kosheen), Jon The Dentist...
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    Randy Katana - Tribal Shock (Includ. Perry O’Neil Remix) (2004)

    Perry O'neil remix Original Mix which I don't particularly like.
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    Live Acoustic performances

    Post some of your favourite acoustic vocal tracks Scott Grimes Scott Grimes Ray Wilson live yet another day
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    AR52 - Hibernation/Timegate (2003)

    Timegate Hibernation HIbernation is so cool.
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    The Green Martian – Dreams Come True/Citybird/ Reality (1999)

    Citybird - This is a hard track to find I think it's on available on vinyl. Reality Dreams come True
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    L-Vee Look Inside (Original/Fire & Ice Remix) (1999)

    Fire & ice remix FTW Original Mix
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    L-Vee - Tears/Higher (1999)

    Higher Never heard tears before today an amazing melodic trancer
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    The Lounge - Shades/Black Dress (2001)

    Shades Black Dress
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    Anime/Manga/Cartoon Thread

    Anyone here watch this? or read any Manga if so which ones? I am going to give Manga a go to see what it's like.
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    OUT Soren Andrews with Sovve - Alter Ego
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    Armin van Buuren - This Is Not The United Sampler (1999)

    Found this randomly on Youtube an old house music mix by Armin. I am even surprised it has laidback luke in back in 1999 Tracklist: (0:00:00) Floris - He's Back Again (0:03:46) Timetraveller - Timetraveller (0:05:57)...
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    The Lounge - Free Your Mind/Flower (2002)

    Free Your Mind - Sample from the Matrix 1 of Morpheus speech with Neo Flower
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    Menno De Jong Retired from DJing

    Surprised no one posted this and I found this a few years ago. @Halon @Hensmon another person you can interview. This is it. Thank you, for everything! This is for those that couldn't make it to the show, or want to listen back to remember. x Recorded May 21st 2022 at Beachclub Fuel...
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    James Webb/Hubble Space Telescope Images

    I found these through Twitter looks like they are from JWST because the caption say Squeezing some color out of the various filters showing all the glowing dust in the center of NGC628. Red (screen layer mode): MIRI F2100W Orange: MIRI F1130W Cyan: MIRI F770W Extra overall brightness in...
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    Ljungqvist – Nella (Latigidi's, JPL's The Look On Your Face Mix) [2006]

    The JPL remix is amazing Nella (Latigidi's Who's Nella Remix) Ljungqvist - Nella (Original Mix)
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    Rare/Unknown 70's and 80's and 90's, 00's tracks

    Post away any versions of songs from 70's and 80's and onwards that are not known to the commercial audience and I like to hear a track from start to finish. Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World. ultimate 12 inch extended mix rare - this is a 10 minute version. Armin van...
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    Recluse - Isle Dauphine (Original Mix/8 wonders, Probspot remix) [2004]

    Intro Mix Original Mix Probspot remix 8 wonders remix I didn't like the 8 wonders remix
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    Recluse - Emotional Void (Original Mix/Pesh Remix/, Jussi Polet Destinations remix) (2006)

    Pesh remix Original Mix <--- I cannot find the original mix on beatport or the other download stores or youtube but according to discogs it does exist. Jussi Polet Destinations remix I first heard in ASOT episode 137 it was a...