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    Announcement: Trancefix Recordings - Bandcamp Label!

    Not so certain classic trance exists anymore, bar one or two tracks a year. If you find it I will be impressed. Will be cool to see if you can.
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    OUT Sonic Element - Gone Again [Borderline]

    Sweet that the dude is back. I’ll take this over his recent breaks EP. Borderline killing it again
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    OUT William Byrne - Echo (incl. Hoopoe & Alan Banks Remixes) [Pure Trance]

    Not as good as his originals (but let’s face it not much is). Still top.
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    The Gaming Thread

    Dusted off the N64 recently, I loved that console. Been playing Banjoo Kazooie, Mario Tennis and of course, Zelda.
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    Matt Darey - Electro Buzz [2003]

    Party track, I dig it
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    Chiller Twist - Stringz Ultd. (shelley mix) [2001]

    ISOS 3 was my first introduction. Quality track, I love that breakdown.
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    Hip-Hop Thread

    New Kendrick Lamar album
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    Chicane - Offshore (Inc Disco Citizens Remix) (Xtravaganza - 1996)

    Never get tired of it. Disco Citizens were a class act.
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    Techno Favourites

    Jel Ford - Such A Freakshow
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    Damate - Reflections [Colorize]

    Smooth and groovin tracks. Could happily pick any of these 3 up.