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  1. marcopm

    The most steroids you've heard in trance

    The long awaited follow-up is here!
  2. marcopm

    The most steroids you've heard in trance

    The steroids + white noise combo is strong in this one :LOL:
  3. marcopm

    Marco PM's Trance & Progressive Mixes

    Santorini Waves 2022 (Day 2 - End of Summer) 01. Gareth Emery - M4L (Original Mix) 02. LTN - Remember Where We Came From (Extended Mix) 03. Chicane - The Drive Home (Evolution Mix) 04. David Hohme - Without Doubt (Original Mix) 05. Blood Groove & Kikis - Diver (Original Mix) 06. Emily...
  4. marcopm

    Dark theme or Light Theme - Which do you prefer?

    The only slight annoyance I have with the dark theme is that, despite your changes to the font weight, it's still quite difficult for me to distinguish threads with new posts from those already read. Would it be possible to add a blue dot next to the title of unread threads, as it is for the...
  5. marcopm

    Marco PM's Trance & Progressive Mixes

    Nocte Borealis :: sequence 06 01. DRYM - Vision (Extended Mix) (Marco PM Intro Edit) 02. Sonny Noto & Michael Anthony - For You (Extended Mix) 03. Romina & Franck Dona - No Education (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) 04. Estiva - Sky (Extended Mix) 05. BT - Stratosphere (Matt Fax Remix) 06. Tom Ferry...
  6. marcopm

    Charlotte De Witt - Universal Consciousness [KNTXT]

    I don't disagree entirely, however I think that bigroom techno (or future techno/future rave as they also call it) is more like Maddix or Hardwell's new style (and btw I think that Maddix is even better than Hardwell with this new style) I wouldn't call De Witte's sound properly "big room"...
  7. marcopm

    Denis Kenzo - entree. (Album) [Denis Kenzo Recordings]

    New album by Denis Kenzo. Except the first tracks, a bit of "more of the same". However I always enjoy some well produced progressive and with a distinct style. Worth a listen imho. 01. Denis Kenzo - entree. [Intro] 02. Denis Kenzo - Bloom 03. Denis Kenzo - Halo 04. Denis Kenzo & Sveta B. -...
  8. marcopm

    Selu Vibra - ID

    I agree with the other comments. I'm a big fan of Divine (one of the most "controversial" tracks back in the days, at least in the forum lol) and Sebastian Brandt but this doesn't speak to me so much. Too simple, too similar to Gouryella but without the same energy, the break has that...
  9. marcopm

    OUT LostLegend - Unity (incl 'Magdelayana Chilled Remake' and 'Magnevi Remix') [LSTLGND]

    Not bad at all! My favorites are the Extended Mix and especially the Magdelayana Chilled Remake
  10. marcopm

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    I mean... this is so absurd that I like it :ROFLMAO: (ok, maybe for not more than 1 listen)
  11. marcopm

    A.R.D.I. - The World Is Ours [AVA White]

    Usual ARDI style with a very nice twist (electric guitar riffs). Great execution imho. EDIT: there was already a thread, sorry A.R.D.I. - The World Is Ours [AVA White] mods, if you can merge... thanks
  12. marcopm

    Dan Stone - The Wave [Enhanced Progressive]

    Fantastic catchy and summerish track, already one of my favorites of this year :love:
  13. marcopm

    We might be seeing a new trend in trance - breakbeat breakdowns

    I noticed it as well! Anjuna in particular has been pushing quite a lot of "full" breakbeat tracks in the last few years
  14. marcopm

    Marco PM's Trance & Progressive Mixes

    Santorini Waves 2022 (Day 1) 01. Nora En Pure - Cognitive Fadings (Extended Mix) 02. Sons Of Maria - Heirloom (Club Mix) 03. Rhythm Masters vs. Klangfabrik - Dayhunter (Martijn Ten Velden Remix) 04. BLR feat. Penny F. - Endless Summer (Extended Mix) 05. Orphix - Avantes Peak (AudioStorm...
  15. marcopm

    Lostly - Concorde [Electronic Architecture]

    A even better "Violet", and that was already a fantastic track for me.
  16. marcopm

    Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Denial (Liam Melly Remix) [Nocturnal Knights Reworked]

    Don't like it at all. Airbase already did a remix of this track of his that is 100 times better imho
  17. marcopm

    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    Definitely his best follow-up to "The City Sleeps Tonight" so far, although I find that track almost impossible to beat, one of my favorite vocal trance tracks of recent years. It's quite close though. Not sure about TOTY material (for what it's worth, if we're talking about the ASOT TOTY...
  18. marcopm

    OUT Gareth Emery feat. Roddy Woomble - This Is Not The End [We'll Be OK]

    I'm a sucker for good pop/euro trance, Emery and Wallbridge are probably the only ones left to do this kind of music. I'll take this over any other typical "vocal trance" track of these days. One of my favorites of this year :) The mastering is not perfect imho, strange because usually...