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  1. Redrot

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Seba's still got it IMO. Nice mix of styles on this album.
  2. Redrot

    Old School/Classic Trance Producers in 2020 (and beyond)?

    This Bibu tune in particular is really sticking with me. Love that repeated lead with the slow fade out and the sample, really sounds like its from forever ago.
  3. Redrot

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Definitely a fair criticism, I personally don't mind it as I see this style as sort of "ambient with perc" - it changes enough over time for it to be a loop but compositionally its still relatively simple. I kind of zone out listening to it though. Nice mix of some more atmospheric stuff.
  4. Redrot

    Way Out West - Sequoia/Domination (1997)

    Guess it's a matter of personal taste, I'd say Intensify is my 2nd favorite and another stellar album for sure! And even the one after that had some solid tunes too, but you could see the writing on the wall from there.
  5. Redrot

    Way Out West - Sequoia/Domination (1997)

    WOW's first album is really on another level and Domination's the icing on the cake. Shame how far they've fallen...
  6. Redrot

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Another 4 track EP from ASC that sounds right out of the early 2000s. Guy is a mad lad. He also makes ambient and drone techno for those who are into that ;) and another! this one's a bit more on the jungle side of things.
  7. Redrot

    Announcement: Trancefix Recordings - Bandcamp Label!

    If you check out the "oldschool producers" thread over in Music, you'll see that there are a whole lot more! Some names include space lab, Echocentric, GODDEZZ, UTE, Space Trax, and Haws (though they are certainly a different style of trance than say JOOF and Forescape, and not exclusively...
  8. Redrot

    Interview: UTE Recordings (With Teo Bachs)

    I'd love to see Adam, Ness, or Alan Backdrop too - Ness is principally a hypnotic techno producer, but his L3-P alias is trance, and his stuff works so well in trance sets as well! Alan's an enigma, dude has a ton of output and I know nothing about him. Throw in SEO John, Dylan Forbes and...
  9. Redrot

    Old School/Classic Trance Producers in 2020 (and beyond)?

    2 and 3 in particular have some nice drive! Heard a bunch of these as IDs in mixes from the usual suspects, nice finding those out finally.
  10. Redrot

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Mate check out old atmospheric/intelligent dnb comps from say pre-2005 - you'll be amazed.
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    Old School/Classic Trance Producers in 2020 (and beyond)?

    Oh hey, you!^ Maybe a bit on the housey side but still a bit trancey. Normally Vitess's stuff is in the house camp for me but this one's on the trancier end too with that rolling bassline and break towards the end. Love this one, Byron Yeates has put out some sick mixes, and as far as I...
  12. Redrot


    Top stuff! Think this one's worth a preorder.
  13. Redrot

    Yoogie van Bellen & Christian Linder - Electric Nite / Atmospheric [2001]

    I need to do a dig of Van Bellen. Everything I've heard from him I love but never have bothered going full in.
  14. Redrot

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    One of the more unique sets I've heard this year. I have no idea what most of this is but it seems like a mix of old progressive, old psy, and occasional new digs. Very dark, trippy, and sexy.
  15. Redrot

    Charlotte De Witt - Universal Consciousness [KNTXT]

    Agreed. I like that Charlotte's moving away from basic Drumcode techno but it feels really incomplete. I heard Kali in a set and I get that it's trying to be psychedelic and hypnotic but it just felt empty (and don't get me started on chanting samples). It still very much seems structured like a...
  16. Redrot

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

    Monster set, mix of pre-2000 progressive and modern stuff.
  17. Redrot

    Trancefix Radio EP 007 - Cause & Effect - Mixed by Katadunkass

    Love to see more than just trance in a "trance" mix. Looking forward to the listen!
  18. Redrot

    Platipus Records

    Someone linked this to me in a discord I'm in, holy hell what a comp.