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  1. proxi

    Wandii - Kinetic Caper [2007]

    Twists and turns beautifully, with great melodies and a sexual breakdown. What a tune.
  2. proxi

    Innertales - Odyssee [1994]

    If you can't shift yourself to this you may well be locked in.
  3. proxi

    Solange & Binary Finary - Subliminal Delusions [2012]

    This was exactly what I wanted as a follow up to '1998'. Excellent.
  4. proxi

    Fingers Burnt - Legoland (Dub Mix) [2002]

    Sexy blend of Y-Traxx and Lucid. The vocal mix uses Moonraker by Foremost Poets but that does nothing for me. Dub Mix Vocal Mix
  5. proxi

    David West - Make U Mine [2006]

    Second ever release on AVA. The good old days.
  6. proxi

    Qattara - Come With Me [1997]

    Dreamy vocal trance which did have a Paul van Dyk remix, but for me it's all about the Qattara Vocal Mix.
  7. proxi

    Quivver - She Does [2000]

    Great track which featured on many a compilation CD back in the day, usually halfway between the commercial dance hits and the banging trance.
  8. proxi

    Rajé - Worship You (Rob Searle Remix) [2001]

    Rob did a great job with this, and it was another tune I first heard on Galaxy 105 thanks to Alex Pepper. Pretty sure that bassline reappeared in Darren Porter's 'Let It Burn' a couple of years ago. Rob Searle Exalted Vocal Mix Tee's Mix The Todd Terry (Tee) mix was the only other mix...
  9. proxi

    Nordlander - Discovery [1999]

    This is what it's all about.
  10. proxi

    Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Tea Mix) [2000]

    For me, it's the Tea Mix. Great from start to end, and a wicked track for changing direction mid-set.