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  1. skyriderz

    Sneijder feat. Victoriya - Need You Here [Who’s Afraid of 138?!]

    Excellent track from Sneijder !!
  2. skyriderz

    Amir Hussain - Voidwalker [Research & Development]

    Usually i like his tracks but this one is boring
  3. skyriderz

    Temple One - Another Hope [Always Alive]

    It's a banging new production this week on Always Alive from British producer Temple One. His dazzling sound always delights fans far and wide and on 'Another Hope' he is sure to do the same once again as he builds a driving momentum and unmatched spirit on this special new record.
  4. skyriderz

    Ferrin & Morris, Sequentia - Niagara [2011]

    Excellent track from Sequentia, Ferrin & Morris, nice energy & flow !! Also got a nice progressive remix from Willem de Roo
  5. skyriderz

    Apollonia - Andromeda Heights [2004]

    Awesome track from Apollonia = Peter Dafnous and Tania Mann
  6. skyriderz

    Ferry Tayle - XII (TranceFamily SF Anthem) [FSOE Fables]

    Nice to hear classic style stuffs from Ferry Tayle ,his previous track Frequency was class sounding too
  7. skyriderz

    OUT Will Rees & Connor Woodford - Starlight [Afterdark]

    Judging from the preview Melody sounds gr8 .. looking forward to hear longer sample
  8. skyriderz

    OUT AA Meeting - Summit [VII]

    Very nice track..classic vibes on melody ..looking forward to the album !!
  9. skyriderz

    OUT Julian del Agranda - A New World EP [TF.R]

    Well done @Magnevi , awesome first release on TF Recordings. New world is straight from 2000, loving both the mix and sentimientos as Day sleeper mentioned has melody sight similar to Anticipation/Amsterdam which is great as I love both tracks
  10. skyriderz

    Announcement: Trancefix Recordings - Bandcamp Label!

    Amazing!! Can't wait for the previews
  11. skyriderz

    BiXX - Now or Never [FSOE]

    Do any one know who is currently producing/engineering for Bixx, I know about Darren Porter, anyone else?
  12. skyriderz

    OUT Johan Ekman - Life Adjust [Regenerate]

    Used to love Johan Ekman tracks for his energetic breakdown & melody. Not his best as his previous tracks but still a good comeback track after returning from years
  13. skyriderz

    BiXX - Now or Never [FSOE]

    I mean he has much $$$$$ so he can do anything he want, can pay armin to play in ASOT, can pay big labels to list tracks, can pay producers for Ghost producing etc etc. I think he doesn't feel embarrassed or anything just look at his Facebook video how confident is he as he is the original...