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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Original mix is hard to find
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    Techno trancier than trance

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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    I loved those too as well. They were well written. The characters and the storytelling was compelling I think thats why they are so hard to replicate. I cannot stomach most of the horror stories these days they are just far too depressing and disturbing. That's not to say that the stories from...
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    Favourite Piano music

    This is from my own Youtube channel with over 11,000 subscribers
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    Are you Afraid of the Dark? I prefer the 90's version it's feels more scary and legit compared to the 2019 version. The 2019 version is just depressing.
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    Gaia - Tuvan (Andy Blueman remix) [2009]

    I really like the Andy Blueman remix
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    OUT Eternal Sun Records (Return of 2002/2003 Hard Trance/Hard Style sound)

    Back to the sounds of 2002 \o/
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    Society pushing itself outside their comfort zone

    I was being pressured to get out of my comfort zone. From my co-workers. Bosses are facing pressures from their partner and from work.Most guys will think with their dicks if they see a physically attractive girl. I have been a victim of gaslighting and I was targetted abd believe me I saw how...
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    Society pushing itself outside their comfort zone

    What I have experienced and observed is that people who push themselves way past their comfort zone live to regret or the system changes them beyond their control. People who are not used to are subjected to hostile work environments and pressures and become targets from bullies and psychopath...
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    Airwave - Those Silent Hills [JOOF Recordings]

    Here is the full version It sounds like something you might hear in the background but not something I would go and buy and looking back say 2 or 3 years, saying that oh I remember that track. It lacks inspiration where I am not really connecting with the track at all.
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    Ferry Tayle - Vol De Nuit (Dutchie Flow Mix) [2008]

    That breakdown and the melody summer trance
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    Plasma Feat. Berri - Do You Believe (Angelic Remix) [2000]

    That breakdown with that piano melody is my favourite and the echo vocals as well.
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    For some reason I was searching under hydewood which was the old name of the track.
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    Kai Tracid - Life is too Short (Energy Mix) [2001]

    DITTTTO!!! I wish producers would make more of these playful melodies rather than serious and sad melodies all the time. Life is too short, don't stress everyday Leave your worries behind, go out and play Life is too short, grasp it in your hand A natural miracle, have fun while you can Life is...
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    Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality [1997]

    @dancemania Twan is releasing an interview of this in 2 hours.
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Thank you! How about this one? The beatseekers seems to be there but I am not able to find the airwave remix nor the original.
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    Salt Tank - Jeanie (Original Mix) [1999]

    Summery sound not as good Eugina but still summery. I miss this sound.