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    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

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    OUT Inertia - The System (Sneijder Remix) [Subculture]

    I expected a monstorous kick but either YT or A&F did something with it (rest of the set is ok though), the channel seperation is weird but... it's The System🤘
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    Sebastian Brandt & Daniel Kandi - ID [TBA]

    That piano pluck is the reason Kandi is insta-skip, otherwise it's nice
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    Yahel - Avalanche [2003]

    godly tune, godly producer (bit biased, but still true :p)
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    OUT Bryan Kearney & Out Of The Dust feat. Plumb - Take This [Subculture]

    Nah sorry, I came for the cheese, but this is hardly even an effort. Just listen closely
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    OUT Lange pres. Firewall - Together [Create Music]

    Would be cool, but it's a revival of 2001's Point of View (Lange Remix). Maybe it's still cool, not sure yet
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    OUT Onova - Ad Astra [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

    The only issue with it so far is that the piano is blatant Sail, which is off-putting. Sounds great, screamy, Vadney-ish, the melody isn't overdeveloped unlike the usual Onova
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    Atlantis - Voyager II (Activa Remix) [Borderline]

    I'll only judge his ability to make a classic sound, lets give this one 6.5 M.I.K.Es out of 10, not bad. He should use some of what Astral Projection are using to bring that sound to life more
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    OUT Stoneface & Terminal vs Roger Shah - Ignite [FSOE]

    Pleasant and unusual, enough to make it worthy! like
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    Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine? [2006]

    Used to hate the vocals but they grew on me (took a WHILE), they hitting good. Awesome one
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    Johan Gielen & TasteXperience - Namaste [Black Hole Recordings]

    I tried to figure out the track again after the bump but I guess this description is the closest to my thoughts so I'll give it a rest lmao I'll add that it sounds like it didn't go through EQ after the 2nd producer added his contributions, like the sharppp lead that should've sounded smooth...
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    why are they leaving?

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    OUT Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro - Nothing to Hide [Wake Your Mind]

    Gets better with each listen tbh... this is the future guys
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    OUT Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro - Nothing to Hide [Wake Your Mind]

    @Daysleeper , nahh, I sing a long as well! Screw standards if it ticks my boxes🤷‍♂️
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    OUT Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro - Nothing to Hide [Wake Your Mind]

    Obvious Interstellar influence but a ch00n nevertheless. Cosmic Gate :love:
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    Dreamy & Daniel Kandi & Temple One - When You Saved My Life [Always Alive Recordings]

    Bingo, exactly what's needed :) That's why I started liking Anjuna again. It's not too groundbreaking, but it's fresh, and it works. Screw 138 if that's how it sounds like...
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    Giuseppe Ottaviani and Ferry Corsten - Magenta [2013]

    How lovely is this? :love: aged perfectly if you ask me
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    OUT Ferry Corsten Feat. Lovlee - Our Moon (Protoculture Remix) [Flashover Recordings]

    Definitely tops the original, the vocals are awesome, big like(y)