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  1. Redrot

    CAIVA - Fatigue (EP) [Lobster Theremin]

    Awesome slice of vocal trance (something that I never, EVER say in 2022)! Buy link: Fatigue, by CAIVA
  2. Redrot

    Fidel - Sequence [Platino Records]

    Reminds me of the classic progressive sound Electronic Elements was pushing in the mid-2000s! Bandcamp link: P051: Fidel - Sequence, by Platino Records
  3. Redrot

    Dylan Forbes - Mind Expander (EP) [Haŵs]

    One of my most anticipated EPs of 2021 and it turns out I misread the release date, so now it's my most anticipated release of 2022 until further notice!
  4. Redrot

    DJ Life - Retina (EP) [Craigie Knowes]

    Releases April 10, 2022.