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  1. Addict-In-Trance

    A Force - Crystal Dawn [2006]

    I still can't believe that this was released silently..... No buzz whatsoever! One of my favourite tracks
  2. Addict-In-Trance

    Craig Connelly - Believe in Magic (Album)

    This is You Are Alive: The set version sounds different, faster paced then the album version. I do hope that it will get a full extended release though
  3. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    No no! You can stay..... If I look at 99% of the tracks that are posted here on the forum, I am the one with the bad taste! Because I find 99% of the tracks posted absolute garbage..... I love faster paced tracks of 136 BPM and higher. But it is very hard to find these tracks on this forum...
  4. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    I think it is better that you stop listening to music as a whole..... The crap that is on the radio nowadays has been done millions of times before! And yet everyone whoreships Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Dua Lipa or Harry Styles..... "Because they are sooooooo good". But 99.9% of the current...
  5. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Ben Gold - Rest Of Our Lives [Armada]

    Who is the singer?? :-O Very beautyful tune from Ben Gold! But a very nice vocal
  6. Addict-In-Trance

    Craig Connelly ft. Tara Louise - You Are Alive [Higher Forces]

    From his upcoming album 'Believe In Magic' Not sure if it gets a single release yet, but I absolutely LOVE it! :-D
  7. Addict-In-Trance

    PPK – ResuRection [2001]

    My favourite version is the Wellenrausch remix! :) Heard it for the first time in a Scott Bond set and it was labeled wrongly asa different version. After a long search I finally found the correct one :)
  8. Addict-In-Trance

    Klea - Tic Toc (Inc. Magik Muzik Remix) [Incentive] 2001

    How can I forget this tune :O The Magik Muzik Remix is so addicting! Weird vocals, but the meldoy is so addictive! Released in 2001 on Incentive :-) Also included on this release was the Adam Dived Remix, but it was all about the Magik Muzik Remix: Magik Muzik Remix: Adam Dived Remix:
  9. Addict-In-Trance

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Anyone who got this tune in full?? I know Thomas shared it many years ago, but I missed it
  10. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Sam Laxton - Scent [FSOE]

    January 17! Scent from FSOE on Beatport
  11. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Billy Gillies - Nostalgia [FSOE]

    I am not saying that every 138 track sounds the same as a new pop track! I am saying: Every new pop track also sounds the same as pop tracks from 10 years ago..... But I never hear anyone complaining about the new pop tracks on the internet! Why is everyone compaining here?? It was the problem...
  12. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Billy Gillies - Nostalgia [FSOE]

    So every new trance track is basically the same as EVERY new pop music track?? Maybe all the artists in the world should need to stop making music then :D Since every new track will sound the same as before
  13. Addict-In-Trance

    Claudiu Adam ft. Clara Yates - Ease Your Mind

    Forthcoming on Find Your Harmony on November 12! Ease Your Mind from Find Your Harmony on Beatport
  14. Addict-In-Trance

    Armin van Buuren vs. Vini Vici feat. Tribal Dance & Natalie Wamba - Yama [ARMIND (ARMADA)]

    Don't know what to say yet about this track.... It sounds as if he wanted to combine 4 or 5 tracks in 1 track 🤷‍♂️
  15. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Billy Gillies - Nostalgia [FSOE]

    Awesome tune indeed! Was waiting for the ID since I heard that track in Aly & Fila his Transmission set :)
  16. Addict-In-Trance

    Moontribe - Dance of the Seventh Hill (Songbird) [Incl. Tiestos Power Dub Remix)

    Heard it first on the Energy 2000 CD back in my youth! My first ever trance cd that I bought and this track was the highlight of this CD! This was released in 1999 and it is all about the Tiesto Power Dub Remix: Tiesto Power Dub: Full Vocal Mix: Original Mix: Full release is still on...
  17. Addict-In-Trance

    OUT Factor B - Theatre Of The Mind (Artist Album)

    Are the tracks on Beatport the extended versions or edits?? I want Innerspace haha