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    Nyram - Horizon [Magic Island]

    Yes - its the Nyram from 'Confirmation' with Fred Baker! We're blessed over at Magic Island to have him grace us with his return to music production! Horizon combines classic trance vibes with modern production techniques to create a stand out track...
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    OUT Sunlounger - Sunsets & Bonfires (Artist Album) [FSOE]

    Brand new Sunlounger album featuring instrumental tracks along with vocal ones with the vocals of Susie Ledge & Inger Hansen; each track has a chillout and a club version. Full extended mixes are available on beatport.
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    OUT Roger Shah - Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 10 (Compilation) [Magic Island Records]

    Magic Island Vol 10 mixed by Roger Shah is out now! You can listen to it here: Roger Shah - Magic Island Vol. 10
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    OUT Kristof Van Den Berghe & Larsson (BE) - New Dawn [Magic Island]

    Please give a warm welcome to Larsson and Kristof Van Den Berghe to Magic Island with the lovely New Dawn! A warm lead synth is backed with lush pads and swirling atmospheres play together to create warm Balearic vibes. A beautiful easy listening track that is sure to make your day better!
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    OUT Rafael Osmo - Homeland [Magic Island]

    Israel based veteran producer Rafael Osmo makes his Magic Island debut with the hypnotic progressive tune Homeland. Layers of synths swirl around over tight percussion to create a groovy and catchy track perfect for the dance floor. Get it here: