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  1. Exodom

    Simon Doty - Living Sound EP [Anjunadeep]

    Prog lovers may enjoy this one. I certainly do. It has a lot of great feelings. One criticism is that I wish it dropped the heavy house percussion and instead went for more complex and dreamy progressive percussion that older Anjunadeep music often had. I don't want to dance to the same house...
  2. Exodom

    Anjunadeep Vol 13 - Mixed by Jody Wisternoff & James Grant

    The sweeping drone shots of moody European scenery is back, this time only with 2 CD's, but now we get to watch the DJ's twiddle, push and dance there way through the experience. Jody Wistenoff looks rather cold, not helped by the timid bpm's and frequent extended 'organic' emotional moments...
  3. Exodom

    Simon Bostock - Suraya [2015]

    Released on Monster force, very clean and also uplifting feeling. Reminds me of music Activa makes today.
  4. Exodom

    Firewall - Sincere (William Bryne Remix) [White Label]

    I don't know if this will see a release but as a big fan of the original I had hesitation when I saw this listed in the Pure Trance Radio track list but oh boy I think it is a cool track. So much energy and no steroids. Here is the pure trance rip
  5. Exodom

    Juno Mamba - Infinity EP [Anjunadeep]

    Borders is cute and carefree. two more tracks yet to be uploaded.
  6. Exodom

    What are the (truly) best vocal Trance tracks of all time? (The Top 100)

    I know the lists of vocal Trance track have been done almost to death, but you must understand that every single playlist I search on Spotify or Youtube is beyond the point of acceptable cheese in this genre, filled with so many average tracks, modern butchered remakes or misplaced euro dance...
  7. Exodom

    Warung - Sinuous EP [Anjunadeep]

    One of the better EP's from Anjunadeep in recent months. Doxa is nice little breaks track, my kind of breaks using a slower arrangement. Letting Go is chill and nice as is Sinuous. Nothing to get excited about, but have a deep and pleasantness that has been good for my late night work Sinuous...
  8. Exodom

    Dokho - The Journey [Anjunabeats]

    Apparently an alias of Fast Distance.
  9. Exodom

    Fluida - Welcome Home EP [Anjunadeep]

    Organic sounds in an almost 50/50 split between 'normal' music and electronic. Is this the stuff they call 'Organic House'? I don't know what to call it. Certainly not progressive in anyway. But its pleasant feeling, music for sitting outside. Welcome Home Reaching Refuge
  10. Exodom

    Genix - 199X (Album) [Anjunabeats]

    Genix is an interesting producer for me, with some cool ideas and synths, and the style you could say its the best manifestation of the Trouse/2.0 Trance sounds into something more respectable. Some of his tracks not for me but a bunch are very good. For these reasons I am excited about hearing...
  11. Exodom

    OUT Denney - Kamikaze [Anjunadeep]

    So good from Anjunadeep!!!!!! Serious sounds, simply vocal and great energy for a ANJDEEP release too. I love it guys! Who is Denney?
  12. Exodom

    Andy Duguid - Wasted [2008]

    Delicate vocals, beautiful carefree prog production and just lots of emotion, sometimes bittersweet. Beach feelings. Never searched it on YT before as I have the track so very surprised to see such a high view count of 444,000. Maybe it was ISOS 7 that gave it such a big lift.
  13. Exodom

    Jordin Post - Azure EP [Anjunabeats]

    Some good sounds here guys, if you like the Anjuna stuff. Azure Blossom Autumn In Amsterdam
  14. Exodom

    Prox - Hypnotic (Inc Daniel Kandi Remix) [Always Alive]

    Enjoying it, sounds clean, even if pretty standard style. Original Daniel Kandi Remix
  15. Exodom

    Nox Vahn - Technobloom [Anjunadeep]

    Good mood I like the synths. Just a single release
  16. Exodom

    Durante & HANA - Celestia EP [Anjunadeep]

    Described by the Ajunaguys - "Durante and HANA evoke the genre with uplifting vocals, a driving melody and a blistering BPM to match." I don't know how 'blistering' I would call this hahaha, but certainly nice to see the pace up on Anjunadeep. Whisper Cell is the one you wanna be checking here...
  17. Exodom

    VA - Explorations 17 EP [Anjunadeep]

    Not sure what is Explorations 17, did I miss 16 others? What exactly are they exploring? The depths of boring and unadventurous of house music? :) OK I joke, I dont actually mind the first two tracks, but you gotta be in the zone for em, the zone of complete background music before bed...
  18. Exodom

    Genix - Dance It Out

    Anjunabeats say "a modern twist on the 90s rave music that he grew up listening to." I don't know if hear that. Mixed feelings.
  19. Exodom

    Mirco De Govia - Voller Sterne [2003]

    From the Chronoscale album. This is what Trance is all about.