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  1. LostLegend

    What's on your mind today?

  2. LostLegend

    What's on your mind today?

    In the same boat here. Rent up, energy prices up, food prices also up. Also set to lose money this month due to having several dates of strike action against my employers for various reasons including pay. What a shit-show 😩
  3. LostLegend

    Classic Trance demo on VST Hybrid 3

    I’ve mentioned the same on another thread on here. Given they still have all their legacy devices on there. Loads of Trance classics were made on the older versions of Reason. To answer the OP, the JP6k plugin is a great emulation of the JP8000 synth. Phoscyon 2 for those 303 sounds and U-He...
  4. LostLegend

    Midian - Echoes of You [TF Recordings]

    Thanks for all the great feedback on this everyone! ☺️ Will definitely look at making some more stuff like this in the future!
  5. LostLegend

    Sin3waves- Prog House/Trance composition feedback request

    I like it. Really evokes that 90’s prog house feel. I feel it needs a bit more variation on the groove, maybe play around with some fills, shorter spaces in the drums to add some variation. I am aware it’s a work in progress though! I like the way all the synths gradually come in, I’d perhaps...
  6. LostLegend

    What's on your mind today?

    He'd been ill since the end of last year, not sure on the details though.
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    Mauro Picotto - Komodo (Tea Mix) [2000]

    Stumbled back across this recently, used to love this mix back in the day! 🙌
  8. LostLegend

    Midian - Echoes of You [TF Recordings]

    This was a lot of fun to put together. Lots of backwards and forwards discussion with the TF.R team trying to get everything to sound just right, a real passion project! I wanted that lightside/darkside feel between both mixes, with the Summer Mix going for that summer (obviously) Balearic...
  9. LostLegend

    Trance artists who support russian war crimes in Ukraine

    Fair to say there are a lot of complexities to this whole conflict. There was a lot to do with the original Nord Stream pipeline running through Ukraine wasn't there? I believe there was some talk of Gas reserves being found in Crimea and UKR wanting to undercut RUS by piping their own supply to...
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    What's on your mind today?

    RIP DJ Stu Allen. A real pioneer and trendsetter of his time in the rave, oldskool and hardcore scenes. I had a load of his mixtapes in my teens. :(
  11. LostLegend

    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    It’s certainly heading that way. As @Gagi mentioned, there’s plenty of plug-ins that use AI to perform certain tasks. Izotope’s RX series uses AI to let you isolate vocals or drums etc. from tracks. There’s also ai based mixing tools in there. Not to mention Ozone’s mastering assistant (also by...
  12. LostLegend

    Ton T.B. - Red Forest (Incl Magnevi Remix) [Legacy of Trance]

    Nice release, good to hear Ton producing trance again. Nice remix from yourself as well, Mag :D
  13. LostLegend

    DJ Recharge - Bulgaria (Part 3) (Lale Li Si, Zumbul Li Si) [Breakbeat]

    Sound like they're in that Hungarian scale that they use for all the soundtracks for films set in the middle east. It's a bit of a nightmare to work with as the chords in each key are all over the place haha
  14. LostLegend

    DJ Recharge - Bulgaria (Part 3) (Lale Li Si, Zumbul Li Si) [Breakbeat]

    Agree that the vocals sound out of tune, maybe try transposing them a few semitones up or down to see if you can get them into tune with the rest of the track? Really like the drums and bassline in there though! Many people post music on this forum looking for advice and pointers on how to...
  15. LostLegend

    Basic track idea - progressive trance, structures of sound

    22 year hiatus? I thought my 9 year one was a long time! :oops:
  16. LostLegend

    Most played Trance tracks on Youtube?

    I noticed that myself when looking through. Even Out of The Blue is only on like 3 million. *edit* - Snap!
  17. LostLegend

    My first propper (finished) trance track.

    I'll be real with you, there isn't much money in producing dance music these days, especially trance. Unless you are in the top % wise of big names and are working for and with big commercial artists and getting millions of plays and downloads, it's the pits really. Most producers will have day...
  18. LostLegend

    My first propper (finished) trance track.

    My most popular track that one, like 80k views on YouTube :D