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  1. Daysleeper

    OUT Ferry Corsten feat. Lovlee - Our Moon [Flashover Recordings]

    Just boring. Is this Ferry? Sounds like anybody!!
  2. Daysleeper

    OUT Billy Gillies - Closed Eyes [FSOE]

    too bad its on steroids.
  3. Daysleeper

    OUT VA - The Manifesto (Blue Soho's 10th Anniversary)

    I guess im just dissapointed in that nothing really sticks out. Not even the Kamil Polner tune does. It sounds like a unfinished track that are not even half as good as his best ones.
  4. Daysleeper

    Narel — Baseline (incl. Coredata, Cosmithex, Scanfix Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    The coredata is the best, includes some cool sounds and nice edgy bassline as usual, but overall pretty weak tracks unfortunaly.
  5. Daysleeper

    OUT Gordey Tskuanov - Remember The Past / The Clutch [Perfecto]

    Not fond of the rhythm of the bassline and percussons. Its stale,slow and sterile. Sounds like he got inspired from the Adam Beyer stadium techno. Those stabs are pretty unusual sounding, and thats good and I give him credit for it, but unfortunaly I dont like it too much. I want more...
  6. Daysleeper


    Never cared for mashes tbch. I guess they can be cool for livesets but what the heck, just make good tracks from the beginning :P
  7. Daysleeper

    OUT VA - The Manifesto (Blue Soho's 10th Anniversary)

    Sounds like another FSOE comp/episode haha. Like theres 3 producers behind all the 30 + tracks :/ The mastering is really off on most tracks aswell.
  8. Daysleeper

    OUT Tinlicker X Robert Miles - Children [Smilax Records]

    Just makes me think about how incredibly haunting and beautful children really is. Its mindblowing that it got so popular. This one is just decent to me. Those super polished and "clean" percs really dont fit and it kinda lacks a bit of flow This one is better imo
  9. Daysleeper

    The Quest - C Sharp / Shaken Not Stirred /Solitude

    I honestly havnt listened (properly played them through) to this one including similar dutchies ffrom the millenium days in prolly 10 years. Kinda started to like them again now, after several times despising them haha. Its Rank1 (benno solo) behind this one as most of you already knew .
  10. Daysleeper

    Ocean State - Gods (2017)

  11. Daysleeper

    Andain - Summer Calling (remixes) [2002]

    The Josh remix unquestionably is the best version for me, followed by the g&d one. The airwave remix is just another remix of his, in his style, from that time. The vocals and music are just made for eachother in the Josh version especially. Here its just an airwave track, and not his best or...
  12. Daysleeper

    OUT Monoverse - Everything You Are EP [FSOE Parallels]

    Doesnt do much for me. I dont like those claps haha, first and foremost. Other than that it sounds quite random for the lack of better words. Sounds like a demo track or something. Half house (melodic modern house) half trance without anything really remarkable from either genres. It lands just...
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    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    2 per day!!!
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    OUT Dreamy pres. Dark Matter — It's Not What You Think EP [Forescape Digital]

    Feels too empty for me, and the arrangement and structure is rigid and repetitiv. Change up the rhythms a little. Add some variety. To make a more concrete example is saying this track only got 2 parts to it while older tracks often had up to 5-7. Much more crests and throughs, even without the...
  15. Daysleeper

    Corderoy - Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2002/4)

    It wasnt the first track, actually far from it. I think i heard this in 2005 - 2007 actually. And i said one of them. Having one track or whatever to defend as "your" track of pure trance is just silly btw. I have a very soft spot for timelord aswell, because I was a collector of the...
  16. Daysleeper

    Corderoy - Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten Remix) (2002/4)

    After all these years (listened to trance since 2002) this breaks into my top 10 of all time I think. I delivers so much RAW emotion without being cheap or overblown. I love the lofi claps , the mid-rangey bubbly bassline, the dirty fx. This is pure trance to me. I know that its not...
  17. Daysleeper

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    Just restrict amount of posts to 5 a day or something?
  18. Daysleeper

    Outgate - Iota Zero [2002]

    I like it, but im quite certain people in the early 2000s would label this progressive.
  19. Daysleeper

    The weird, totally-90's trance tracks

    Nice thread! Theres lots of fun and interesting tracks from the 90s ;)