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  1. Manofearth

    Aria - One (Voyager Remix) [2001]

    It certainly is unique. I had never heard these two before. Nice.
  2. Manofearth

    The Digital Blonde - Electra [1999]

    Saw Tiesto play it many years a go, it is melancholic in its emotion, the crowd really responded. It feels to me like a Tiesto track sometimes with the melody.
  3. Manofearth

    Trancefix Interview - Allende

    That was enjoyable read, thanks. Didnt know the Forgotten track, the 99 Returning Mix is a really good one.
  4. Manofearth

    OUT Slam Duck - Weightless [JOOF Recordings]

    Weightless is good for me, I closed my eyes in the break and felt it. Fear of the Unknown does feel like as is described above, not developing into a musical idea or storyline.
  5. Manofearth

    OUT Pink Bomb - Indica (Orkidea & Solarstone Pure Progressive Mix) [Pure Progressive]

    No fun and warm bassline like the original. I love that track
  6. Manofearth

    P.O.S - Remember/Amnesiac [2003]

    Very energising and melodic, it’s great music
  7. Manofearth

    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    Recently rewatched The Wire, my favourite TV serie, especially Season 1 and Season 3
  8. Manofearth

    The story behind "Dance 2 Trance - Power Of American Natives" by Jam El Mar [Interview]

    Enjoyable interview again with Rolf, he gives good answers
  9. Manofearth

    B.I.G. - A Promise (2004)

    Carpe Diem I know and own, but this one got through the net. It feels cinematic, but not dramatic. Very good progressive. Makes you close your eyes.
  10. Manofearth

    Sunny Lax - M.I.R.A (2006)

    Fantastic music
  11. Manofearth

    [Old] Progressive House music

    The most famous one of all?
  12. Manofearth

    OUT Sunny Lax - The Fountain / Losing It / Reptile [Anjunabeats]

    I also like this Reptile track. Very different from Sunny Lax. He should do this style more
  13. Manofearth

    [Old] Progressive House music

    Red Jerry, the HOOJ legend
  14. Manofearth

    OUT gardenstate - Surreal [Anjunabeats]

    Really good and chill. The vocal makes it, very house in style, it works
  15. Manofearth

    Joshua Ryan - Pistolwhip (Inc James Holden Remix) [2000]

    There’s something magical about these two tracks. I heard the original live once and it has always remained with me. The Holden mix I find I listen to more though, for my home experience. James Holden Mix https://youtube/VMQ2op5cMi4 Original Mix
  16. Manofearth

    Is sampling "copying"?

    Sampling is the core of all music. If at the end of process your track has its own life and identity then there is no problem I think.
  17. Manofearth

    James Holden - Horizons [2000]

    James Holden was a masterclass act. Did he stop making music all together? Too talented to abandon music
  18. Manofearth

    Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave [1998]

    It embodies the early ISOS spirit.
  19. Manofearth

    Medway - Resurrection [1998]

    Subtle and deep. It’s a work of art.
  20. Manofearth

    Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycle [1994]

    This one needs a bump. It’s very well done. There’s a number of great remixes too, the Derek Howell one is my favourite.