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    OUT Kyau & Albert - Beehive / Paper Towns [Anjunabeats]

    Yeah Beehive is really enjoyable. Reminds me of this one from a few months ago
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    OUT Ferry Corsten feat. Lovlee - Our Moon [Flashover Recordings]

    I really want to like it. A dub version might actually be much better.
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    OUT Tinlicker X Robert Miles - Children [Smilax Records]

    From the old remixes definitely the 4Clubbers one is my favourite and omg if has not a been a while since I heard it. But I am absolutely falling in love with the Tinlicker remix. And I am so happy to see it top beatport charts.
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    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions

    Recharge Sessions Chill Out Mix ep.032 My first Recharge Sessions show on Radio 9. It's tribute to Jose Padilla, and a bit different than what | normally play. First part is all chill out while second part is...
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    Best House/Techno/Progressive/Deep of 2020

    Lately I've been playing more on the progressive side rather than trance. I think most people miss the point where progressive can be more melodic and relaxing even than trance due to stubberness mainly. I used to be one of them... Here are some I played last night. Cristoph - Big H 2020 has...
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    OUT Bryn Liedl - Rites (Sunny Lax Remix) [Euphonic]

    Actually pretty good remix. I loved the original when it came out.
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    The Pop-Trance Thread

    Armins Beautiful Life is definitely one of my hidden favourites. Another secret favourite of mine, with very nice lyrics and vocals done right: Also the other trance icon turned into edm/pop - Alpha 9, specially under his Arty alias. Hard to choose a song but Horizon is pretty new: And...
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    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    I have an idea but its a bit awkward. Maybe make some ''admin/curators'' who can pin up music from different styles/labels every day. You can easily find people who listen wide variety of styles and genres. Also maybe add a song of the day to the current song of the week and add more variaty...
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    OUT Nikola Melnikov, Max Sorokin - Gods Of Hall (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep] (2020-10-09)

    Now I know most of you dislike progressive, but that is a song that can definitely change your mind, it hits so hard with sadness when the violins start and the melody is so amazing. Truly a masterpiece. I am probably going to play in almost every show in the next few months, already played it a...
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    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions

    Trancegene ep.017 I've been pretty busy this week. Here are some of the most interesting new release from the last two weeks. Tomorrow I 'restart' my Recharge Session as an two hour show on Radio 9. Nikola Melnikov, Max Sorokin -...
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    Upcoming series / Latest series you've watched

    Just finished(binged) Solar Opposites this week, from the creator of Rick and Morty and he voices this one too. I find his voice so hilarious...
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    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions

    Recharge Sessions September Mix Part4 Psycharge ep.031 The last mix before I 'restart' my Recharge Session on Radio 9 in an two hour format DNA - Butterfly (Original Mix) Numedian - Echoes From...
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    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions

    Recharge Sessions September Mix Part3 ep.030 Last episode focused on progressive trance, this episode focuses on uplifting. Temple One - L'Envoi (Extended Mix) Jacob Kliuiev - The World Will Not Be the...
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    Which is the most 'organic' uplifter you have ever heard?

    Definitely some of the older songs, I always found ATB uplift heavily underrated. And to me they sound very natural, but it might be because I listened them thousands of times. No matter if you like ATB ot not this are some of the greatest euphoric melodies, they never fail to bring a tear in my...
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    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions

    Recharge Sessions September Mix Part2 ep.029 A little bit late, but here are some of the most interesting releases from September. Starting from this Sunday I am going to restart Recharge Session as an weekly...
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    Hello, I am new here. I wish I knew about forums like thus way back before. Anyways welcome back!
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    OUT Sunny Lax - The Fountain / Losing It / Reptile [Anjunabeats]

    I don't understand all the hate Anjuna is getting these days - Reptile is nice, but the one that does it for me is Loosing It for sure. I am going to get evil for a second... Well in any case it's not the 1000th uplifting carbon copy. I can see why producers left and right are leaving uplifting...
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    Trancegene/Recharge Sessions

    Trancegene ep.016 Nikola Melnikov, Max Sorokin - Gods Of Hall (Extended Mix) Valen Frando - Kabala (Original Mix) Fonzerelli - In My Dream (Ampish Remix) Yotto, AVIRA - Love Me (Yotto Remix) Sunny Lax - Losing It (Extended Mix)...
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    Numedian & Abide - Aquamarina (Magdelayna Chilled Remake)

    Man this is amazing! Recently I found a love for that deep melodic atmospheric sounds. Shame it wasn't released in the summer. Listening with my eyes closed feels like listening something from Solarstone's last album.
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    Trance Wax - Trance Wax (Album) [Anjunabeats]

    Hell yeah just found it on beatport too. Comes out in November