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  1. Propeller

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Thanks Trance4m8tor, that's wonderful, you're a star!!
  2. Propeller

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Never used this... can you recommend a good one?
  3. Propeller

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Many thanks, unfortunately access to that site is forbidden if you live in the UK 🙁
  4. Propeller

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    All sounds good, thanks 👍The name change is a particularly good idea. You could even add melodic techno to progressive, a lot of that is just trance.😉
  5. Propeller

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Anyone have any of these please? There were vinyl only and mostly on obscure labels, unlikely to ever see a proper digital release. 2 Digital - Because of My Dreams Arksun - Astrodancer Arksun - In the Sun Area - Definition of Tekto (Silvio Ecomo remix) Blackwatch - Foreshaddow Chris Cowie -...
  6. Propeller

    OUT Gordey Tskuanov - Remember The Past / The Clutch [Perfecto]

    I like The Clutch a lot, bought it a few months ago when it came out. Oakey played it a lot on his radio show. The stabbing sounds are pretty cool and original.
  7. Propeller

    Narel — Baseline (incl. Coredata, Cosmithex, Scanfix Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    Coredata remix sounds awesome... nice and punchy with atmospheric sounds and phatt bassline.
  8. Propeller

    Vincent De Moor presents Flashbang - Energy Reflect (2004)

    My favourite Vincent De Moor track. Pumping kick and high energy bassline with melodies that are simple and complex at the same time with many layers.
  9. Propeller

    Robert Elster - Quarantine EP

    In case you missed it in April, Robert Elster, formerly of Vibrasphere, put out new material on a 4 track EP with a variety of styles. My favourite track was Circuit Sailor which closely resembled the Vibrasphere sound. Others were pretty good too, like the wicked drum n bass of Closed Eye...
  10. Propeller

    OUT Steve Morley - Reincarnations (Peter Steele Remix) [Pure Trance Recordings]

    Sounds very much like a remastered version of the Jam X & De Leon remix yet it lacks the magic of that mix. The bassline is bog standard as opposed to the nice pumping one of old and the synths have been altered in subtle ways to make them lose their epic feel. Not terrible but pretty disappointing.
  11. Propeller

    Quivver - She Does [2000]

    Masterpiece. Driving build up and bassline. The breakdown is dreamy and full of subtle melodies. The bass drop at 7 min takes it to another level. Well, It was made by one of the greatest producers ever, after all.
  12. Propeller

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    I think that most people are limited on time and so even setting aside 20 minutes to trawl through posts is asking for much. You'd want to check out what's going on elsewhere on the site. The key thing you've mentioned is that bulk posting has the opposite effect in terms of engagement. Yes...
  13. Propeller

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    To be honest, it is very easy to discover new music. There are so many podcasts out there, youtube channels, etc., something to cater for everyone's taste. I think if you make it clear that spamming is unacceptable and set a daily limit to X then it would undoubtedly have an effect. Some may...
  14. Propeller

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    I agree that a lot of good music is still being shared but the spamming that goes on makes that forum difficult to navigate. You look for a thread and it's buried underneath a deluge of stuff from the same label. 🤨I'd say 80% of the threads are started by 20% of the users. It's easy to see who...
  15. Propeller

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    I would restrict the number of new threads each member can make there to one per day. Make it a rule for that forum. I know that people might break the rule and post more but then you could easily see who is doing it from the dates and delete the excess threads. Maybe you could place a banner on...
  16. Propeller

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    Alright, so it's not technically spamming as each post is about a different release. However, when the same people are posting a few posts in a row most days and they're all steroid uplifters then it does in reality become spamming. 😄 Not sure what the solution is if that's what most people...
  17. Propeller

    Section for selling/buying CDs, vinyl or audio gear?

    Disgos is the most comprehensive marketplace so there's actually not much point in doing it here
  18. Propeller

    Which is the most 'organic' uplifter you have ever heard?

    Organic to me means something that doesn't follow a formula. It happens purely through inspiration. A good example would be Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar and its many remixes. The original mix is very organic and my favourite mix of this track. It is pure trance without any formula. The Three N One...
  19. Propeller

    OUT Pink Bomb - Indica (Orkidea & Solarstone Pure Progressive Mix) [Pure Progressive]

    As somebody already mentioned it is sterile and flat. They took a haunting, energetic and bouncy original and turned it into a flat affair. Props for re-releasing the original, a classic, but that is the only mix worth getting in this package.
  20. Propeller

    OUT Dreamy pres. Dark Matter — It's Not What You Think EP [Forescape Digital]

    A bit more pumping than your usual releases on Forescape. I'm not really feeling either. Not bad but, dare I say it, sounding a little generic on the prog tip. I prefer the more usual, darker and more atmospheric Forscape releases.