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  1. Gagi

    Last chance: Ask Slam Duck anything!

    Hello all. You must all know of Slam Duck so far. His debut artist album Different Together came out earlier this year, but he's also been "in the game" for quite some time, with fantastic releases such as Mercury and Outside. He has been working hard on fusing old styles with modern production...
  2. Gagi

    IMPORTANT: Account security

    Hello everyone, There are some indications that one of our users (@definitelynotadj) has been hacked. His avatar was changed, his posts meddled with, his password and email changed as well. Because we don't know what was the weakness that led to the hacking, we can't trust his email address and...
  3. Gagi

    Airwave - Flying Paper Planes (incl. Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]

    Yet another Airwave release I almost missed (thanks YouTube though!). I think this is much better than his previous one. Great production. The remix is pretty amazing as well, has some great atmospheres there. Original Mix Rick Pier O'Neil Remix
  4. Gagi


    It's a thread for - you guessed it - sports! I know we have one for football, but I thought a general one would make sense. So post ahead!
  5. Gagi


    I was just looking up Ivan the Terrible on Wiki (because of a Epic Rap Battles of History video haha), and stumbled upon a painting of him, holding his dead son in his arms in desperation, after killing him moments before. What struck me the most were his eyes. It's almost as if, in that moment...
  6. Gagi

    Ethnic/indigenous music

    I wanna find out more about the music of different regions, where we could discover some traditional/folk music and explore each others' cultures. What music is indigenous to the place where you were born (or live in)? What music defines your nation or peoples from your territory? What are some...
  7. Gagi

    Sophisticated trance/progressive music

    Post the most sophisticated tracks that you know. Something complex, well made, subtle. This does not mean "post your favourite tracks", but to rather think about it and post something that really fits the description. Trance/progressive preferred, but I'll accept electronic music overall, if it...
  8. Gagi

    Slam Duck - Different Together (Artist Album) [Pure Trance]

    An amazing artist album from Slam Duck. Finally listened to it, and it was just great. Lots of great sounds, melodies, the productions were polished really nicely, and the mixed version was really good overall. Very impressed, but I expected nothing less from Alex. Here's the official playlist...
  9. Gagi

    Airwave & Phi Phi - Today Is Made Of Yesterdays (incl. Nacres & Crocy Remixes) [Bonzai Progressive]

    Nice, summery vibes in the original. Still getting used to the new Airwave. I think I prefer the Crocy remix, could sound very well sped up.
  10. Gagi

    Collabs you want to see

    Which producers would you love to see collaborate on a track (or a few), why, and what styles would you like to hear as the end result? I'll start off with a few. 1. Airwave & Junkie XL I think Airwave said that JXL is his idol or something, so this would be amazing to hear. Both are great...
  11. Gagi


    What book are you currently reading? What's your favourite book? I'm currently halfway through Dostoevsky's Demons. For like 200 pages it's just rich people talking and doing nothing, so much so that you start questioning why you're reading the book in the first place, and then everything...
  12. Gagi

    Techno trancier than trance

  13. Gagi

    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Specially dedicated to Tranceformator.
  14. Gagi

    Mental health

    Formerly know as the depression thread on the old forum. I personally loved the discussion there, so share your experiences with depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety and anything else. We're all here for each other. :)
  15. Gagi

    What's on your mind today?

    Just submitted my 4th (out of 4) project from this semester. Completely depleted. And it's not the end...
  16. Gagi

    Upcoming releases/classics thread creation - FEEDBACK

    Hey y'all. Please post your feedback on the creation of new threads, mostly in the upcoming releases/classics sections. We have tried to make the information about the release a bit more visible - as you can see, it's above every post, on every page, with information such as artist names...