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  1. Daysleeper

    Magdelayna - Lifecycles (Original 4x4 Trance - progress thread)

    Melodically it feels a bit off for me. Like someone who isn't that great with building melodies,sorry.The melodic segment is too short and never takes any real shape or form. I like the sound of the track but thats about it really . It's just isn't interesting enough for me. Also second what...
  2. Daysleeper

    The 'Currently Listening' Thread

  3. Daysleeper

    Airwave - Kitchen Paper, Paper Towel

    Why are you posting a track you don't like?
  4. Daysleeper

    Genres are a mess and no one knows what to do about it

    I would've preferred a 'high quality' tag instead. Its almost like with every new added subsubgenre mediocrity increases +++ Just another slogan to use to sound cool, but sure, could be useful for some I guess, if you know what you looking for.
  5. Daysleeper

    Robert Nickson - Rocket Surgery [FSOE]

    thats the typical asot synth haha
  6. Daysleeper

    Machineries of Heaven - Epsilon Eridani (1997)

    Trippy, but not wacky, and reminds me of more classic eye q releases.
  7. Daysleeper

    OUT Definitions & Alan Ruddick - We Don't Need Them [Borderline]

    Just took a listen to the whole 7 mins and I didnt found it interesting,engaging nor emotive. It feels very stock/block building and generic. The melodies feels robotic and basic to me. Its a "background" trance track basically. "Sounding nice" doesnt say anything..
  8. Daysleeper

    OUT Jimi Python - Infinite [Pure Trance]

    Very decent but what my mind thinks is a bit flat in execution
  9. Daysleeper

    Alua - Strom [Electronic Architecture]

    Not bad ! This feels slightly to me than the first release..
  10. Daysleeper

    Benicio - Delicatement [2001]

    Very much a product of it's time. Can't say I love it that much tbh. Edit: sounds better with proper headphones...
  11. Daysleeper

    M.I.K.E. Push - You'll Find A Way (Extended Mix) [FSOE]

    The "melody" in build is instant turnoff for me. It's seems so pinky plonky haha. So amateuristic and random notes/chords. His old tunes always had some maturity to them. His new stuff just feels off and forced
  12. Daysleeper

    Daniel Kandi X FAWZY & Osman Mousa - Ascending Waves [State Control]

    Rather show a track that isn't sounding like this within the the +136 unicorn genre
  13. Daysleeper

    Daniel Kandi X FAWZY & Osman Mousa - Ascending Waves [State Control]

    generic as f. dont see what you see in this at all.
  14. Daysleeper

    OUT Adam White - Neuro [Pure Trance]

    sounds cheap tbh. another one of those copy-paste "melodic prog house" tracks...
  15. Daysleeper

    DJ Darroo - Blitzkreig Trance [Infused Traxx]

    sounds like early 2000s trance but just generic execution and lacking music expressiveness