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    Best Trance Tracks of 2022

    Lostly - Concorde Simon Bostok - Reflect
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    Only five Trance or Trance-related DJs left on the DJ Mag DJs list now

    Yes it would, but the issue is that there is no representatives that have the authority and audience to put something worth while together. We’re just left with DJ mag who only has relevance based on past fame and the fact no one else exists to compete. I always preferred lists for tracks...
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    OUT Miikka Leinonen - Born Just In Time To Explore Trance (Album) [Alter Ego Records 500th release]

    Singularity is good. Star Pusher is kinda fun too, not sure totally tho.
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    (Why) are there no new ideas in trance?

    New ideas with old sounds. That’s my ideal outcome. I know many of you would apply that description to the tracks in the oldschool thread, but only 20% sounds like Trance to me, which is the genre I prefer over synthy house, breaks and techno. The bulls of heaven track I do like but I don’t...
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    OUT Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Kill'em Quick [Electronic Architecture]

    So far all his tracks have something interesting to them. This one no different and very good.
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    TF Interview - Stoneface & Terminal

    Nice Interview. So the labels are asking for 4 minute tracks so they can work on Spotify 😑
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    Dark Matter - Chrono EP [Mercurial Tones]

    Prefer End of Time, what a breakdown. 1999 Ad bangs better but needed to do more in 2nd part
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    OUT Tekknova - Last Trip To Paradise (The Noble Six Remix) [White]

    A modern sounding update yeah, which is never too favorable here, but this one is really good imo
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    Chris Johnson - The Next Chapter [Borderline]

    Quality stuff again from the best label in the scene right now. Breakdown is really top, which it went on longer.
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    Midian - Echoes of You [TF Recordings]

    Feels different from your standard faster Trance tracks. It does feel that maybe too many ideas going on, but not drastic enough to ruin it for me. Summer mix is awesome.
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    OUT Slipstream & Sonic Element - What Defines Us [Borderline Music]

    A lot of the melodies on the Borderline release have been simple and I remember Rob saying that's something he likes. Have to agree that they could be more interesting, with more happening, without going as dramtic as the uplifting guys. Solid track anyway.
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    Best Trance Tracks of 2022

    Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt Remix)
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    Sneijder feat. Victoriya - Need You Here [Who’s Afraid of 138?!]

    Vocals might need to grow on me but enjoy the track overall. Thanks @Sneijder for sharing your thoughts with the community, I appreciate hearing your unique perspectives
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    OUT Lange pres. Firewall - Together [Create Music]

    Totally missed this one. Liked it a ton. More from Lange like this would be amazing.
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    OUT Amir Hussain - Voidwalker [Research & Development]

    Close but not quite there. Won’t give up on it yet.
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    OUT Luke Terry - Cryosphere [Borderline]

    Fantastic, great to see Luke on Borderline. I hope Activa can persuade more guys from the FSOE, blackhole, PURE world to his label and get them doing more serious Trance music. Would love to see Stoneface and Terminal, Will Atkinson or Hoopoe there.