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  1. Spacetime

    Jasper Williams - Breathe [2005]

    A beautiful trance and progressive combo. I don't know anything about this artist other than this great track. He may be south African as thats the country/label of release Breathe
  2. Spacetime

    AI, procedural generation and other new music technologies - What does the future of music hold?

    There are some fascinating developments in music technology, notably AI, that I believe have huge consequences for the musical landscape and us as individuals to create music. Some of you may have already seen Midjourney, a new AI software that generates unique artwork based on user inputs...
  3. Spacetime

    “Trance 4 life” - Why does Trance carry such meaning for its listeners? Why do music genres in general have such dramatic impact on our species?

    “Trance 4 Life”, “Trance is a religion” - within the slight cringe speaks a truth that is undeniable. No matter how many decades pass and how wide the music taste has expanded, I always return to hypnotic and dream inducing Trance music. From the first moment I played the compilation Nyana it...
  4. Spacetime

    A Trance Hall of Fame, only 20 make the cut. Who makes it in? Who is the GOAT?

    A hall of fame with all the Trance legends, but only 20 can make the final selection. Who would you pick? To do 15 is fairly easy, but the last 5-7 not as obvious to complete. Still not sure about a few. I put a * next to my top 5 I probably forgetting a legend but here is mine, in no order...
  5. Spacetime

    Solar Factor - Urban Return EP

    A remix of Urban Shakedown and a B-side that does get interesting when the drop comes in, am curious to hear the full track. Seems like a vinyl only release.
  6. Spacetime

    Genres are a mess and no one knows what to do about it

    The state of genres right now is a mess. Spotify now lists over 5500 types of genres. They keep multiplying and multiplying, each new one with less identity and unique marking feature than the next. We seem to give out new genre names like it is candy, but none of that candy is good, memorable...
  7. Spacetime

    Serial lurker

    Been listening to Trance cuts for long as I can remember Been hitting up the forum in the background Lurking in the corner from at least last November I be harvesting your track drops like a vampire in the night Folks here in the deep scene still fighting the the good fight Trance music for life