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    The purpose of the feedback is to provide information on the behavior and behavior of the recipient in such a way that the person "will maintain a positive attitude towards himself and what he is doing." Constructive and effective feedback aims to provide relevant information (without judging...
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    trancefix hymn

    hey, I would like to encourage you to support and take part in the creation of the anthem of our forum. but we have to create it together ... what do you think? please support and join the fun. cooperation accompanied by amazing magic you will see ... forgive me for pushing for corapboration. I...
  3. IXM

    What do you like Trancefix for?

    I love this forum for the fact that users do not forgive mistakes, that despite the current trends, they still believe that trance is great. That they can at any moment of evil determine themselves that they love this species and will stay with it forever trance is emotions, let yourself be subdued
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    Next level

    hey, how to take your music creation to the next level? The best way from my point of view is to copy songs that I love. Now I know that my knowledge and awareness in this field is small. Works on the track trance control. It seems simple, but for me the bass line is impossible to reproduce...
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    compare yourself to yourself

    don't worry if your music doesn't match the best ... there will be many obstacles on your way. The farther into the forest, the more difficult it is. pursue your goals. do not give up, only stubbornness can give you the desired effect. Reward yourself for the progress you have achieved, be good...
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    trance control your reference track

    hey, I'm starting this topic and encourage you to try to open up the undergrand trance control sound. I think it is something timeless and it will be reflected today
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    whore! when is this colab? how long I have to wait? so many talented producers and you can't get along? please spend some time collaborating on trance fix it was great.
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    one day beat

    hey did you create a mini bit? any interesting bass? or maybe something we never dreamed of? Show off here. the most demanding forum will evaluate your conquests. we keep the one-day rule!
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    Audio Equipment

    MOD: Headphones, monitors, regular speakers, name it. Discuss! cheap headphones for listening, it's nice as if it is somewhat composed in KRK Rokit 8/8 monitors I do not recommend hrm-6, they write about good parameters but your music will only sound good on commercial quality...
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    Unfair judgment after just one listening session

    Is it possible to judge the track after one listening session, is there any justice in it? there is such a thing as love by first stimulation but it's a very rare phenomenon, can you judge someone's work on the basis of a first touch? many songs reveal your face and emotional value after a few...
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    who is watching

    I wonder who is watching us from the stars? who, despite their popularity, is incognito on our forum? Who loves the undegrand climate, but cannot exist in it. Who appreciates our songs?
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    why are they leaving?

    recently listening to trance from the underground, thanks to @Progrez I heard something amazing, but in my subjective opinion. I mean the artist MK-S, Why are such pearls underestimated, is the trance genre only for people who have high emotional sensitivity? Or maybe every producer in this...
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    Getting Better

    I wonder how to get up the stairs as soon as possible. Now working in a DAW, I definitely miss the techniques that made the song more interesting. The drums are steady, the leads are straight with no depth. The structure of the piece is very clichéd, I do a lot of things with my untrained ear...
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    New track

    hey, i'm finishing a song which is a breakthrough for me, i learned a lot here. however, when it comes to the mix, I am not able to judge the elements of the track, all I have is a heart and a basic understanding of how to operate a DAW. after all, I would like to ask for your opinion on the mid...
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    how to save computer resources when producing music?

    I have a computer that is not too similar, it is a laptop I7 6700eq 8gram, do you know the methods how to limit the use of the CPU and RAM memory in production?
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    IX - breakbeat perc

    hey, i'm looking for someone to help in this part of the song, at the end i would like to put a perc break beat and send another drop. a piece under construction without mixing and mastering will provide mid files from the end of this fragment I would like to scream break beat perc trying...
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    Aattribution when the crowd looks at the numbers

    attribution, not skills, but number of listeners! write what you think
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    Eric Prydz - Opus [2016]

    I have not discovered the world. For those looking for inspiration in the production of progressive music. good luck! ;)
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    IX - not so fast (upcoming)