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  1. D.Peter.J

    My new release "Chash 440 club mix"

    Hi, my new track MWAF-MusicWithAFeeling, chapter10c - club mix, with best sound / arrangement / mastering and with a new and great melodic riff 02min19sec in the breakdown. Written in C# minor scale, 138bpm, standard tuning A(Lá) note = 440Hz. Sounds: passionate and intense. Feels: intimate and...
  2. D.Peter.J

    My album MusicWithAFeeling is finally released

    Hi. My MusicWithAFeeling - Dancefloor Album is finally out. 10 tracks full of emotions and feelings, and remastered for a great sound. Enjoy it a lot and thanks for all the support. Cheers, Pedro Vilas Boas aka D.Peter.J 01-SunScale - (7m19s) 138bpm 00:00 (G minor scale) 02-Be the key -...
  3. D.Peter.J

    My new track "C hash", an experimental project, tuned at 432Hz

    Hi here is my new track. MWAF-MusicWithAFeeling, chapter10. Written in C# (or C-sharp) minor scale, 138bpm. This track is tuned at 432Hz (instead of standard tuning: A note=440Hz), to make it sound more human. Sounds: passionate and intense. Feels: intimate and divine. Thanks for the support...
  4. D.Peter.J

    Natura Recordings radioshow, by MWAF

    Hi, I am hosting a regular radioshow (trance and progressive) on Natura Recordings, as part of a new musical project named MWAF. Subscribe and share the channel if you like Thanks for the support. Feel free to share your own tracks, if...
  5. D.Peter.J

    Trancey rework of "Be the key" -> for a peacefull 2022 for all

    Hi, Hope you like this electronic (extended and trancey) 2022 rework for the 2nd track of this series: MWAF_02R - Music With A Feeling, chapter 02R. Written in B minor scale (“Be the key” a motivational phrase too), 138bpm. Sounds: “divine and solitary”. Feels: peaceful and calm, typical of a...
  6. D.Peter.J

    Rework 2022 for my "Sunscale" (orchestral breakdown)

    Hi there, here is my rework 2022 of my track "sunscale". MWAF_01: Music With A Feeling, chapter 01R. Written in Gminor (G=Sol=Sun minor scale), 138bpm. Sounds: "serious and magnificent", typical of Gminor. Feels: dreamy and sweet. Thanks for the support and feedback. Take care. Pedro aka...
  7. D.Peter.J

    New track "Aspiring a better world" (138 bpm, Asharp major) for a better world for all !

    Hi here is my new track. MWAF - MusicWithAFeeling - chapter09, my 9th track of this series. Written in A# major scale, 138bpm. Sounds: optimistic and cheerful. Feels: hope and peace. Thanks a lot for all comments and support. Cheers. :-D
  8. D.Peter.J

    My EP with the latest 4 trance tracks in Ambient/NoDrums versions

    Hi, here is my EP with the latest 4 trance tracks, in Ambient / NoDrums radio versions. What do you think of this idea ? Thanks in advance for your comments. Cheers, Pedro Note so innocent (radio version) Uplifting me (radio version) Fassadness (radio version) Love burst (radio version)
  9. D.Peter.J

    D.Peter.J - "note so innocent" - 8th chapter of my MWAF series

    Hi, this is my MusicWithAFeeling, chapter 08, 138bpm, written in Cminor scale to sound innocent/intense with a love-sick feel, in a very energetic dance arrangement. It was not so innocent !!! Thanks a lot for all the support.
  10. D.Peter.J

    D.Peter.J - "Uplifting me" - 7th track my MWAF series

    Hi here is my new track, no. 7 of the MWAF series. Full of joy and inspiring and positive energy. Cheers, PedroVB aka D.Peter.J Written in Emajor (= Mi major) scale, 138bpm. Sounds: bright and delightful; feels: happy and joyful.
  11. D.Peter.J

    D.Peter.J - Moonlight sonata (tribute mix) to Beethoven's sonata

    My trance mix of Beethoven’s moonlight sonata is now available for listening in my souncloud page. Official release date 06May2021 on digital stores.
  12. D.Peter.J

    My dj set - trance classics vs classical music in trance

    Hi here is my dj set with uplifting trance classics versus classical music into trance, mixed at 138 bpm. Post recording limiting at -6dB. Hope you really enjoy this set ! Cheers Pedro Vilas Boas aka D.Peter.J 😃
  13. D.Peter.J

    My new track "Fassadness" (ArpAdagio mix)

    Hi, here is my new track. Why "ArpAdagio" ? The track contains a synth riff arpeggio made with a softsynth, that only played like that at 70bpm (adagio tempo), with a double arp speed. The end result was great ! Have a great weekend :D
  14. D.Peter.J

    My new production - 5th track of MusicWithAFeeling series

    Hi here is my new track, 5th track of my MWAF-MusicWithAFeeling series. Thanks and stay safe. Cheers :-D
  15. D.Peter.J

    MWAF-MusicWithAFeeling - my series of original trance tracks

    Hi there, Please have a listen to my recent trance tracks on including "Endless chills" release date 16Nov2020 - worldwide. Hope you like them I get those feelings ! :-D Cheers, Pedro Vilas Boas aka D.Peter.J Full details on D.Peter.J and D.Peter.J