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  1. Hensmon

    Mikkel Rev - TRANS010 (Album) [Translucid]

    Another ambiebt/downtempo/experimental style album. Listening to the previews quickly I am not sure if I will like this one as much as the last albums. Seems bit more experimental but for some reason all the high-hats sound too pronounced to me, and highs in general. WIll give it a go but bit...
  2. Hensmon

    Mark III – Watermark (2001)

  3. Hensmon

    TranceFix Radio #9 - TF Best of 2022 Mix I: Progressive | Trance | Uplifting | Psy - Narel

    Hey you should be able to download from our Soundcloud -
  4. Hensmon

    Dubstep Thread

    Not baddd Occult - Kuru
  5. Hensmon

    Enlusion - Amethyst (You Are My Salvation Remix) [Forescape Digital]

    Great track, good to see YAMS back in action.
  6. Hensmon

    Club Terram - VA [Album] [Terra Magica]

    Yeah Mikkel one has me most interested too
  7. Hensmon

    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    I did read them. The fact checker one seems to contradict/dismiss the assumptions made by the BHF though...?? And it is assumptions btw, if you click the report button at the bottom of the BHF article there is no real data (just a single chart) or study they've done, it's just a first guess. The...
  8. Hensmon

    Hi there from Give Trance A Chance

    Welcome to the forum. @SaltAcidFatHeatAcid (DJ A992) does put some banging mixes together, have to get your on a radio show at some point mate
  9. Hensmon

    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    Not really man. The British Heart Foundation does say there are excess deaths, so seems reasonable and logical to want to unpack why that might be happening and consider all options. After reading that previous post I had a check and indeed the CDC are pursuing vaccines as one of those options...
  10. Hensmon

    Skylander (feat. Senseii) - Recollection (Version 2)

    Mixing is so so, not terrible, but your other one is much better IMO. It does sound more modern this track but def has some old-school arrangements going on. When the kick returns in the break/build up it feels very subdued compared to the other elements. DId you have all those sweeping synths...
  11. Hensmon

    Skylander (feat. Senseii) - Separation (Version 2)

    Most Trance music I hear today I find something to dislike with the sound design instantly, within the first 5 seconds. For the old stuff it was the opposite, it instantly sounded good and then I could make my mind up about the content. Yours thankfully sits in the later, it does sound really...
  12. Hensmon

    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    @dmgtz96 I don't understand why you follow or focus on this stuff. I'm not trying to be a dick here but I find it to be the most irrelevant, meaningless, social media click bait tribal internet nonense, its not worth even a second thought, analysis or discussion. Why get sucked into this...
  13. Hensmon

    Orson W. – The Love I Lost [1999]

    Charming little number
  14. Hensmon

    Java - Cosmos (1993)

    Original and Chill Mix are the one! Pretty incredible for 1993
  15. Hensmon

    OUT Proteus - Haven [Pure Trance]

    Pretty nice. Reminds me of Orkidea.
  16. Hensmon

    OUT Myk Bee, Atragun - Without Your Love [Sub.Mission Recordings]

    Your best work so far @Atragun91091. Its not a style I am into, but I could listen through the whole thing and enjoy it somewhat.
  17. Hensmon

    UFOs and Aliens

    Do you really believe this? Is this honestly the best counter theory we have for the head of US intelligence saying these things? For a start he is a hard right, openly practicing christian, that believes "God created the earth". So how do you reconcile that against a supposed fanatical belief...
  18. Hensmon

    Anyone here also into Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Lo-Fi or Chill-Hop music?

    Like this guys work. All pay what you want on bandcamp. デジタル・サウンドスケープ