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  1. Lem

    Mobil - Levitation [Blue Soho]

    Blue Soho welcomes one of the label favorite, hailing from Ukraine, Mobil. The talented producer delivers a charming, melodic and driving Uplifter dressed with a good-old plucked that takes us all back to the glorious days of Trance. Enjoy, Soho Music / 2023
  2. Lem

    Grace - Not Over Yet (Max Graham vs Protoculture Remix) [2011]

    I really like the vocals and the tragic ending. Balm for the soul
  3. Lem

    Lane 8 - Reviver (Artist Album 2022)
  4. Lem

    Rapha - Andromeda [2011]

  5. Lem

    Your Best Trance Tacks of 2018 - 2021

    In this thread, we share our favorite tracks for the period 2018-2021
  6. Lem

    OUT Eco - Let You Down [Black Hole Recordings]

    It's the first single from album 1 of The Book of Life, which will be comprised of 2 separate albums, light and dark, 10 tracks each
  7. Lem

    gardenstate - Inspirations (Artist Album) [Anjunabeats]

    I was expecting the track in the album, which is at 52:30 minutes (. Does anyone know what the track is?
  8. Lem

    Eco - The Book Of Life (Artist Album 2022)

    Works by Mr. Eco that may appear in the album. At least "Let Me Down" preview from 2017 will release in October Eco - Atmospheres Eco - Don't Cry Eco - Callin' Out Your Name In The Dark Eco - mesSOHN around
  9. Lem

    Eco - The Book Of Life (Artist Album 2022)

    Eco is preparing to release two new albums, the first slated for release in early 2022. The second, with a difference of several months after the first album. The Book of Life: Chapter I:I See/Hear The Book of Life: Chapter I: Summer The Book of Life: Chapter III:Crossroads First...
  10. Lem

    OUT Eco - Let You Down [Black Hole Recordings]

    This is a view from his place of residence, a view of the industrial area. A person full of soul. It expresses itself in tracks and arts. Eco has music that comes primarily from within. The most honest musician. This is sample from 2017. Apparently he will raise many previews of the past years...
  11. Lem

    OUT Eco - Let You Down [Black Hole Recordings]

    Eco number 1. He is now engaged in landscaping and he painted this cover himself.