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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    We're living in alternate realities if that's your takeaway from the JCVI statement. I don't really have the time or interest to trawl through every publication that may or not prove this or that, especially when you don't seem to be able to interpret them properly, when I think most of the...
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    So you didn't read my previous post or the links in it then. Just repeating the same words I typed, but the BHF says the excessive deaths are due to Covid-related disruption to the health system, literally nothing to do with vaccines or any of the pseudo-science anybody is discussing here. Read...
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    You don't think these exact words equally apply to the vaccine conspiracists in this thread too?
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    Covid and vaccines and whatnot

    I can't believe I still keep getting drawn into this bin fire of a thread, but this is an utter misrepresentation of what the BHF and these figures are claiming. The 30,000 additional deaths story has been kicking around for several months and is attributed to additional deaths caused by...
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    Shocking stuff that destroys what was once our trance scene

    The only people I know who are this good at exhausting you with meaningless jargon while failing to answer a basic question are either politicians or middle-managers.
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    UFOs and Aliens

    Roughly translated as "our departments need lots and lots of funding please".
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    OUT Lange - God Loves The Truth [Create Music]

    What was that you were saying about unsubstantiated ramblings...
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    UFOs and Aliens

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    OUT Lange - God Loves The Truth [Create Music]

    It's self-fulfilling in the long run. Lange will ultimately cultivate a fanbase entirely of conspiracy theorists and associated nutters while the normal folks like you and me quietly back away and leave him to his strange troubles. Perhaps it's a conscious business decision, it is a demographic...
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    G.D. & Patterson - Unison & Andantino [2003 & 2004]

    Do not remember this one. But I was a big fan of "Meri Jaan" released around the same time:
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    Matt Hardwick vs. Smith & Pledger - Day One (incl. Above & Beyond Big Room Mix) [2003]

    Re-reading the OP again, I see part of the confusion was the 'January 2003' date. That is 100% wrong, it was definitely released around late 03-early 04. Here's the alternative original version. It's the same length as the JOC remix, but definitely different. It fades out at the end but doesn't...
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    Matt Hardwick vs. Smith & Pledger - Day One (incl. Above & Beyond Big Room Mix) [2003]

    Digital releases didn't exist back then. Anjuna launched it's own digital store in late 2004, and Beatport launched around the same time. I remember Anjunabeats (and other labels) release dates being a bit of a lottery, the scheduled dates did sometimes fluctuate by a week or two by the time...
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    Has there ever been a better Trance track than this with an Original,Chilled Version and Remix?

    Matt Darey pres. DSP - From Russia With Love (Original/Solarstone/Alaska)
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    Public Intellectuals

    I love how every time yet another personality from a right-wing angle performs an actual literal crime or act of hate speech, the response is "ahh, but the left the left the left", despite the fact that it's always the right doing these things.
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    System F - Adagio For Strings [Flashover Recordings]

    I found it a nice touch that William Orbit played the (original) Ferry Corsten remix at the end of a set he did recently for Anjunadeep Worldwide (not even slowed down or edited):
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    Could the traditional artist-client freelance model work for producers and labels?

    That seems excessive, I'd be interested to know the label involved. I'd imagine he was probably talking about a longer-term deal, i.e. to deliver an album or two. I recall reading that Lange received a flat £1,000 fee for remixing 'Happiness Happening' on Ministry of Sound. Jason Nevins also...
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    State One - Forever And A Day (Original Mix) (2003)

    This track was based on a BBC1 Ident that was used between programs in 2002-2006: The ident came first, it was part of the "Rhythm and Movement" series that all used the same melody in different styles of music. It was only a matter of time before someone (Mike Koglin and Gez Dewar)...
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    Rare tracks not found in download stores

    Presumably because it's been imported into some software at its original bitrate then exported at 320. The number of bits goes up but you cannot recover frequencies that were never there in the original file.
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    Could the traditional artist-client freelance model work for producers and labels?
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    Public Intellectuals

    Have to say though, he delivered on making comedy legal at Twitter again.