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  1. m_st

    RIGSON - Two More Weeks (Six Hyperslaps From Candyland EP) [Ganzfeld Records]

    Good one Rigson. You Ask I Tell was a bit edgier but this is alright. The Not Even Noticed track is the best from the release.
  2. m_st

    In Search Of Sunrise - Which one's do you prefer?

    The first three are not aging as nicely as we like to admit. As the years go on you can feel it. Also the translations are sloppy in some parts. For that reason 4 is the best, as it does not suffer the same issues. The introduction of progressive was a welcomed choice. I still like the series...
  3. m_st

    Club Terram - VA [Album] [Terra Magica]

    3 tracks have been uploaded so far. Mikkel Rev - Bamboo Forest - Iro Aka - Deshaper - Pyramid of Knowledge - Dancing Stars
  4. m_st

    OUT MiG-29 - Digital Dreamscapes [1Ø PILLS MATE]

    This whole EP is ridiculously good
  5. m_st

    OUT Planet Uterus - life [Planet U]

    A fringe way to make and format a trance release, with the teasing loops and short-forms, but never the development of a full track. Irony in the artist name then, due to the embryonic concepts that will never come fully to ‘life’. It’s still nice to listen to though, I have many times now...
  6. m_st

    Solar Suite - Aquaplainin EP [Self Release]

    Got good things going for it. I don’t know if I can post here because some of it is more like house.
  7. m_st

    The TF Best of 2022 - RESULTS!

    The consensus on Filip Storsveen as best artist is truly deserved. He co-runs runs the UTE labels, released a great album and a number of remixes as a Repulsive Force and also releases under Omformer, Oprofessionel and Kineta, all featuring in your final results. Only the Digital Blonde may have...
  8. m_st

    The Trancefix Best of 2022 - Let's hear your thoughts

    My 2022 selection. I can see some of these already mentioned in past posts. B from E - Naarja Maara - Goin All The Way Up Victor Messor - Feeling Days of Innocence (Bliss Inc Remix) DJ Maria & Jukai - Communicating With The Universe Mikkel Rev - So Surreal (Repulsive Force PB Mix) Byron Yates -...
  9. m_st

    Old School/Classic Trance Producers in 2020 (and beyond)?

    Solar Alliance - Quest for Kiba [2022]
  10. m_st

    Activa's upcoming compilation - Request to TF members to submit their tracks

    Thank you for bringing this to attention. A compilation by Activa on blackhole could be quality, he is probably the best man to try and put something together. I'm gonna start the new year with a production and see what he says.