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  1. Aquarium

    OUT Andre Maier & Gosto - Mi Amour [Borderline]

    Even better than the other release.
  2. Aquarium

    AA Meeting - Air [TBC]

    This is dope. OK it doesn't push the box, but it kicks hard
  3. Aquarium

    Salt Tank - Dimension (Salt Tank's Voice Of Reason Mix) [1999]

    A track that just feels assembled with so much skill. It’s brilliant. Top 50 all time too right.
  4. Aquarium

    Enigma State - Waiting For You [Pure Trance NEON]

    Sounds like it could be more on the serious side compared to IMF? Love that if so.
  5. Aquarium

    OUT Lange - God Loves The Truth [Create Music]

    Together was so good, but these don’t do it for me unfortunately.
  6. Aquarium

    Activa - Origins [Expanded Edition]

    No way, wasn’t expecting this to be a thing. Great news. Are the remixes exclusives or have they all been released previously? I recognize a few of them.
  7. Aquarium

    The TF Best of 2022 - RESULTS!

    Fantastic results. Big yes to Borderline and Paracosm. I don’t know if this year was better than the last but I still like what I am hearing. Props to the effort you guys put into doing this. Couldn’t be happier to be a part it in, this place is the last Trance fortress.
  8. Aquarium

    OUT Dark Matter & Slam Duck - Life Is A Race (Extended Mix) [LANDSCAPES MUSIC 054]

    It’s ok. It can feel harsh or thin in the sound of some of the musical elements.
  9. Aquarium

    The Trancefix Best of 2022 - Let's hear your thoughts

    I submitted but will change later as I don’t know the order yet and need to review the spreadsheet in the top post again. so far in random order: Lange - Together Chris Johnson - The Infinite Damate - Reflections Definitions - The Gate From The Sun (Enigma State Remix) Voices (Enigma State...
  10. Aquarium

    Trancefix Radio - EP008: Trance Revival - By Redrot

    Finally got round to blast this. Awesome mix my dude.
  11. Aquarium

    OUT Push - Scope (Artist Album) [Push Forward]

    Some of the samples sound nice to me, will try this. Not really feeling the 80s synthy track unfortunately.