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  1. A.Brindiss

    Simon O'Shine - ID

    Happy to see Simon making a beautiful & great track again!
  2. A.Brindiss

    Dark Matter - Chrono EP [Mercurial Tones]

    1999 Ad sounds massive for the club :alien:
  3. A.Brindiss

    Chris Johnson - The Next Chapter [Borderline]

    Tight and banging, well produced as every track of Borderline. Don't mind the sound of Activa btw
  4. A.Brindiss

    Standard Form - Tracks in Crimson Dust (incl Pathfinder, Connor Woodford, Tim French Lost Angel Remix) [Lost Language]

    Beautiful release, I'm happy we're seeing more tracks like this being released, good sign
  5. A.Brindiss

    OUT Definitions & Andre Maier - The Gate [Borderline]

    What a quality track, the synths give the perfect mystic sound
  6. A.Brindiss

    OUT Stoneface & Terminal - Moonraver [FSOE]

    Really loved this tune, another huge entry from S&T. Even with generic elements these guys use them correctly, that's the difference with average producers
  7. A.Brindiss

    OUT Aly & Fila x Billy Gillies - Kings (FSOE750 Anthem) [FSOE]

    I don't feel the epicness for an anthem in this one, but is a nice uplifting track
  8. A.Brindiss

    EverLight - Disco Death Machine [VII]

    Fun track, enjoyable with some nice groove and twists. Everlight is getting better and better
  9. A.Brindiss

    OUT Billy Gillies - Nostalgia [FSOE]

    Nice one, standouts from a set for sure
  10. A.Brindiss

    OUT Stoneface & Terminal – You Are [Skullduggery]

    This is a win for me, I love tribal stuff in electronic. Stoneface & Terminal always delivering
  11. A.Brindiss

    Marsh - Calling EP [Anjunadeep]

    Quality productions by Marsh! he's very good indeed, I can't choose my fav yet. Edit: Free o_O
  12. A.Brindiss

    OUT Alex Wright pres. Amethyst - Amethyst [Blue Soho]

    Very nice, Alex Wright always delivers 👌
  13. A.Brindiss

    OUT John O'Callaghan & Factor B - The Oath (Club Mix) [Subculture]

    Perfect track to listen in the club 😋😋😋😋😋😋
  14. A.Brindiss

    OUT Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    Amazing album from start to finish, one of the best album of the year for sure and Activa is in the top 3 producers of 2021.
  15. A.Brindiss

    OUT Activa - Origins (Artist Album) [Black Hole Recordings]

    This gonna be huge, Activa is on another level right now 😲
  16. A.Brindiss

    OUT Sean Tyas - Momentum [VII]

    Too many generic and loud elements, this fits in the team #99%ofthetracks...