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    Will Rees - ID

    Will Rees knows a thing or two about writing a melody and crafting a breakdown. Undoubtedly one of the shining lights in modern peak time trance with an output of a consistently high quality. This track is no exception. Looking forward to more details on this one.
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    OUT Sam Jones - Incoming [Outburst Records]

    This has Sam Jones written all over it. Insane.
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    The Olmec Heads - Spiritualised (Original Mix) [1999]

    Imagine being a fly on the wall in that studio when that main melody was laid down.. Iconic.
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    Human Evolution - Human Evolution (Club Mix) [2002]

    No words needed here. A timeless classic. Many fond memories to this tune.
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    Adam Brooks & Will Rees - Kupari (Original Mix) [2015]

    No nonsense heads down trance with an thoughtfully crafted main break and strong lead melody. The chord change at 3:16 and piano keys preceding the main lead opening up is expertly done.
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    What are the (truly) best vocal Trance tracks of all time? (The Top 100)

    A long standing personal favourite of mine. Powerful track.
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    OUT Will Rees - Burnin' Up [Kearnage]

    This guy doesn't miss. One of the most talented modern era producers for me. Incredible work.
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    Sam Jones - ID (Kearnage)

    This track has evolved in various ways since it was first unveiled in the first half of 2020 but it looks like it's now finished and ready for release before the end of the year. Good to see Sam getting back to his roots.
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    Giuseppe Ottaviani - ID [TBA]

    Likely a remix with the recent track Karma by Steele looking to be a 2020 refresh of his 2013 Solarsky original collaboration with Rob Stevenson & Substate.