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  1. Propeller

    Azior - Deep and Inside/Sunset At Myvatn (Original and Subsphere Remix) (2004)

    The remix of Sunset at Myvatn is one of my favourites from the 2002 - 2006 era. Has a wonderfully robotic and soulful feel at the same time. It was kind of a unique track for me at the time because it utilised modern production techniques for a crisp sound, but retained the uniquely soulful and...
  2. Propeller

    Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Remix) [1997]

    The combination of Da Hool / Nalin & Kane ... It doesn't get much better than that. Unique track. This played a huge part in getting me into trance. And to this day I haven't heard another record that has sounded like this. Uniquely crafted.
  3. Propeller

    Has there ever been a better Trance track than this with an Original,Chilled Version and Remix?

    Café del Mar Kid Paul mix = original mix Three N One remix Humate remix = chilled
  4. Propeller

    System F - Adagio For Strings [Flashover Recordings]

    I liked Ferry's 1999 remix but always found it over rated to be honest. It got so much attention and that made it a big chart hit. William Orbit was also a massive name at the time and Madonna's producer. But for me the intro and outro were pretty basic. The main riff, although well constructed...
  5. Propeller

    Lostly - Saudade [Subculture]

    Let down by the fairly generic bass drum/kick/clap combo but musically decent overall.
  6. Propeller

    Why you should listen to pre-1995 trance (+ some pointers)

    Oh man that is so good. It's not often I get flabbergasted by a track but this is the real deal. Got that rawness and high creativity of early 90s trance, plus the emotional impact. Well produced too. Available to purchase on bandcamp:
  7. Propeller

    OUT Definitions & Alan Ruddick - We Don't Need Them [Borderline]

    Thanks for bumping this. I didn't like it on first listen but now its really grown on me. Works well as an overall package, has a pretty solid vibe.
  8. Propeller

    Atlantis - Vengeance (Mac & Monday remix)

    Excellent main lead, so catchy and driving without being cheesy. The original from 1998 is lovely too, never heard it before. Was released on the same EP as the much better known "Fiji"
  9. Propeller

    Sonic Inc. - Look Into My Mind [2000]

    Thanks for sharing trancehistorian. Marc and Ace produced some great work for sure. But for my taste this is not so good. I find the synths very over the top, too messy and a bit cheesy. I agree that this lays the groundwork for some of his later productions like Magic Waters. But then Magic...
  10. Propeller

    Quake - Mantra (Forever) (Original Mix) (1999)

    The version in the video you've posted is the original mix from 1998 which had no vocals. It is very rare and hard to come by, featuring only on the vinyls initially mailed to DJs, a promo CD and rare promo vinyls. The official release a year later had a vocal added in the breakdowns, only a...
  11. Propeller

    OUT Allan McLoud - Pure Emotional Destruction EP [LANDSCAPES MUSIC]

    Excellent release, not available to buy on iTunes though?
  12. Propeller

    Aerium Pres. Avalon 62 - Paracosm [Album] [TF Recordings]

    Cool. I have purchased those two tracks. As I say, I like the melodic quirkiness of the first one without any cheese. And the second one has a lot of grit, plus that little underlying melody that reminds me of the old classic 'Knights of the jaguar'. It takes a lot of talent to produce music...
  13. Propeller

    OUT Jon The Dentist - Jacob's Ladder (incl. Cortex Thrill Remix) [Pure Trance NEON]

    Original sounding very promising, look forward to hearing the full version.
  14. Propeller

    Aerium Pres. Avalon 62 - Paracosm [Album] [TF Recordings]

    I like Eudamonia with its soft, Platipus-y vibes and positive feel. Also like Wetterljocht with its techy feel and good drive, mixed with some nice melodic vibes. The rest are a good effort but not really my thing. On the whole I'd say the dancy tracks on the album are a bit too busy. There's...
  15. Propeller

    Sébastien Léger — Extassy / In A Distorted Galaxy [Lost & Found]

    Extassy is just so cool and interesting with its chopped vocals, funky elements and trancy synths. A really well worked and original fusion that will tear up any dance floor. Liking the deeper vibe and the gentle piano of IADG too.
  16. Propeller

    Ridgewalkers ft. El - Find (Andy Moor Remix) [2004]

    Such a great track. Love the swirling dark bassline. The vocal is so cool and original. Great overall sound design, great energy, I could go on.....
  17. Propeller

    Here we go again - personal top 10 (of all time) trance tracks

    Wheeling out the big guns for the top 10. 👊 10. B.B.E. – Seven Days and One Week (Original mix) [1996] 9. Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Original mix) [1997] 8. Maria Nayler & Tilt – Angry Skies (Terrestrial Vox mix 1) [1999] 7. Tilt and Paul Van Dyk – Rendezvous (Quadrophonic mix, full 10 min...
  18. Propeller

    Why you should listen to pre-1995 trance (+ some pointers)

    ^ First floor deadlock is from 1999! I'd say a more appropriate cut off point for this thread is 1996. That's really the year when trance in the 90s becomes predominantly more orderly in structure and less experimental compared to the previous years. Goa trance from the first half of the 90s...
  19. Propeller

    Man With No Name - Vavoom! (1998)

    Words can't describe how much I love this record. It gets better with every listen even after 20+ years of listening to it. There's so much going on, so many different layers, and the main riff is superbly powerful. MWNN you are a legend! Worth mentioning that I first heard it on this...