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  1. Saracookiedough

    Interview of the Artists Villi4n, know for making electronic vaporwave music.

    Somewhere in the abyss of Shenzhen, China there lies an artist names Vill4in ( 暗号零, 암호, Ghoul, C1PH3R, H a z e) that produces music such as electronic, ambient, cyberpunk, and vaporwave. He has made many popular albums in the community such as Mother-暗号零, VOID-004 – 암호 , and my personal...
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    The Gaming Thread

    I'm playing Jak and Daxter precursors legacy for the 8,000th time
  3. Saracookiedough

    Hello just joined

    Hello just joined
  4. Saracookiedough


    Hey nice to see some vaporwave and Synthwave on this forum! Here's one of my favorite synth tracks along with akira movie