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  1. Juna

    OUT Slipstream - Every Situation Is Temporary [Borderline]

    Not the strongest this time from Borderline although not too bad.
  2. Juna

    UFOs and Aliens

    Wow look at this one fellaz. We can say for sure that something truly unknown to us is taking place here, what a strange thing it is. The options I believe are complex human technology at which is secret or something from the universe. We know it is not natural related because it keeps its...
  3. Juna

    OUT Coredata - Wander Remixed (Album) [JOOF]

    I listened and it is absolute fire. Narel your remix is the magic from the bunch. Coredata and Narel and still keeping JOOF alive for me.
  4. Juna

    The Digital Blonde - APEX (Album)

    This is huge news. Ricky is releasing bomb and bomb, with non-stop prime form for last 3 years. I thought the 00.DB album would be what we were blessed with but a new monster instead has been shown. I cannot wait.
  5. Juna

    OUT Airwave - An Exceptionally Hot Day EP [Sciabada]

    Now give us the trance remix :devilish:
  6. Juna

    The Digital Blonde - Spectre [PsyWorld Records]

    DB is always got it in the bag for us. Every release I like.
  7. Juna

    Activa - Origins [Expanded Edition]

    oh yes the Apogeee one hits the spot. I loved Origins album and I am happy to see that the track finally get the extended treatment
  8. Juna

    The TF Best of 2022 - RESULTS!

    Thank you for the best Trance awards on the internet. This is 💣💣💣. So many good ones selected by these members here, I wish you all a good new year.
  9. Juna

    X-Coast - Pianissimo EP [Self Release]

    The first one is like Ibiza beach trance, it’s nice. But Party time is the most fun and best for me
  10. Juna

    OUT Lange - God Loves The Truth [Create Music]

    It’s ok track, I prefer his firewall one from this year
  11. Juna

    OUT Artifact303 - Mellow Sonic Remixes [Bandcamp]

    woah it’s one of the best pair of tracks I heard all year