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  1. Apex Sound

    My first song that actually sounds trancelike

    Hi mate, hope you can appreciate som feedback. The progressive house/trance of today leans a lot on the bass and percussion grooves as these elements bring a lot more movement to the arrangement. There is still a lot more to work on, but focussing on these things may yield the fastest results...
  2. Apex Sound

    Hi all!

    Hi everyone, My name is Jordy and I'm a producer from the Netherlands. Creating Porgressive & trance under the name Apex Sound while also exploring techno with the alias APX Sound. Currently I'm frequently releasing on various labels, among which Addictive Sounds, OHM Deep State and Redefined...
  3. Apex Sound

    TF Interview: Enlusion

    I saw the link to this interview on Facebook and after reading it along with the comments on it, it really revived my interest in Trancefix. I see there is a dedicated community, maybe even more active than before. I actually was active here when starting out as a producer a few years ago and I...