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  1. LostLegend

    Röyksopp Ft. Susanne Sundfør - Tell Him (LostLegend Vocal & Instrumental Bootlegs)

    Vocal Version: Instrumental Version: How goes it, everyone? Röyksopp's 3 part 'Profound Mysteries' album was one of my favorite releases of 2022 with so many great tunes spread across the 3 albums. When I heard the original of this one with the vocal, I knew I could do something more...
  2. LostLegend

    Tim French - Kamino Static (Inc. Otto K & Qoob Remixes) [Lost Language]

    A really nice set of atmospheric prog tracks here. Qoob remix is pick of the bunch for me with that breakdown. The Otto K prog psytrance vibes are also very nice.
  3. LostLegend

    The Source - Fly Away [1999]

    I believe this was an Oakenfold production and turned up on a few of his mix CD’s (Essential Millennium is where I first heard it) and even ended up on the FIFA 2001 soundtrack. Despite that, I don’t think it ever got an official release, at least not the extended club mix anyway (maybe one of...
  4. LostLegend

    Trancefix Producers Mix - Submit your tracks!

    I'm putting together a mix set of tracks produced exclusively by members of this forum for Trancefix Radio. I thought it would be great to showcase some of the existing talent and upcoming producers that post here on the Music Production Forum, along with some of the great tunes that have been...
  5. LostLegend

    Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye (Inc. A&B & Armin van Buuren Remixes) [2001]

    I remember this tune, specifically the A&B remix, being the 'big tune of the moment' at the time of it's release. I was never a massive fan of the vocals, but the Rising Star mix is for me some of Armin's best work. Such a great acidic groove for the build up.
  6. LostLegend

    Magdelayna - Lifecycles (LostLegend Breaks Remix)

    And now for something a little bit different. I decided to take this track into energetic breakbeat territory but keeping it's trance heritage intact. Starts off uplifting and then goes into some chaotic glitch synth territory for the drop. Enjoy 😁
  7. LostLegend

    LostLegend - The Worlds Beyond

    *Removed for: watch this space ;)
  8. LostLegend

    Otto K - Motion in Emotion/Sea of Souls (incl SIOC & LostLegend Remixes) [Lost Language]

    Ukraine's OTTO K has been busy producing beautifully crafted widescreen Psy-Trance in his home city of Dnipro, and whilst we've almost got enough tracks and demos to fill an entire OTTO K album (yes, he's been that prolific despite the turmoil on his doorstep) we'll start with two - MOTION IN...
  9. LostLegend

    Evolution feat. Jayn Hanna ‎– Walking On Fire (inc. Bedrock/Blank & Jones Mixes) [2002]

    Such a quality piece of vocal progressive. I remember first hearing it on one of the Euphoria mix CD's back in the day. The original is great and the Bedrock Vocal Mix is, as you'd expect, 'rock' solid as well. :sneaky: Not a huge fan of the B&J mix though.
  10. LostLegend

    Lolo - Extended Horizon/Landscape [2003]

    2 absolutely beautiful tracks from Laurent Véronnez aka Airwave. Extended Horizon is the pick of the 2 for me, but it's pretty damn close!
  11. LostLegend

    Tilt feat. Maria Nayler - Angry Skies (2000)

    One of my favorite vocal tracks of all time. Also a big fan of Tilt in this era - loved their take on the progressive trance scene! Not sure on the inconsistency between the track being credited as 'Tilt feat. Maria Nayler' and just 'Maria Nayler' - maybe someone can shed light on that...
  12. LostLegend

    London Grammar - All My Love (LostLegend Bootleg)

    Hello everyone! 👋 It's been a while since I posted anything in here! 2020-21 was hectic in terms of the amount of music I put out (nearly a decade worth of ideas flooding out at once haha) but I've slowed down a bit this year. Took a little break early on and have also been working on some...
  13. LostLegend

    Desiderio - Starlight (Original, AvB & Ferry Corsten Remixes) [2000]

    The original and Armin mixes are definitely more on the cheesy side, well the vocals in general, but it's all about the Ferry Corsten remix for me. Used to absolutely hammer this back in the day! :D
  14. LostLegend

    Solarstone - Shards (LostLegend Bootleg)

    Please see this post:
  15. LostLegend

    Post your OLD music!

    As some of you may (or may not) know. I took a massive hiatus from making music before jumping back in early 2020. I'd lost most of my music from the early-mid 2000's and have been hunting down bit's and pieces of my back catalogue for a few years. So I thought it would be fun if we had a...
  16. LostLegend

    LostLegend - Shadow Moses

    "What's going on? Snake...? SNAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEE!!!!!" This is a track I made about 6-8 months ago for my artist mix and it's been sitting around my computer ever since. I recently shared it with a few other Trancefixers over on the Whatsapp group and made a few alterations based on their...
  17. LostLegend

    Magdelayna - Kaleidoscope Of Memories (LostLegend Remix)

    For this one I wanted to keep the big cinematic feel of the original and how it gradually builds and flows yet up the energy a bit. Be sure to check out the original here: Magdelayna - Kaleidoscope Of Memories (Original Mix)
  18. LostLegend

    LostLegend - Sevastopol

    I made this specifically for a recent mix set. The opening hour or so contains a fair bit of melodic, progressive house. So I went for a similar style for this track with some overt trance influences. The vocal sample is from a Russian vocal sample pack, no idea what they are singing! So I...
  19. LostLegend

    LostLegend - Hardwired [90's style Trance] (21st Century Mix added 06/Dec/21!!)

    Hello all! I've noticed that going back to older tunes for inspiration has been popular recently, so I thought "When in Rome..." Coincidentally 'When in Rome' was the working title for this tune for most of the production process! I decided to go for that late 90's UK uplifting sound made...
  20. LostLegend

    Art of Trance - Swarm [2009]

    Has Platipus written all over it this one! Prefer the original to the Telefon Tel Aviv version my self, both great in their own right! What about that bassline though? :sneaky: