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  1. Propeller

    Jamie Baggotts - The Message (Forescape Digital)

    I though I'd share this for anyone who missed it from earlier this year... I first heard Part 1 a few weeks ago and thought it was alright but nothing special, but with a few more listens it has really grown on me. I heard Part 2 today for the first time and fell in love with it instantly...
  2. Propeller

    Eli Spiral & DYNOHUNTER - Solar Drift (Nocturnal Motion)

    Great slice of dark, pumping prog which takes you on a journey.
  3. Propeller

    Township Rebellion - Plastic World (Rose Avenue)

    These guys are among my favourite producers at the moment. Every track is interesting, a mixture of phatt basslines, dark sounds and melodies.
  4. Propeller

    Slipp. - Day for It (Digital Structures)

    Funky and proggy track with trancey elements. Grooves along steadily and gradually builds in energy. All hell breaks loose in the breakdown then it goes back to a steady groove. Very nice.
  5. Propeller

    Platipus Records

    The greatest trance label ever? Post you favourite tracks here!
  6. Propeller

    Kay-D - Water Spider (Droid9)

    Nice proggy
  7. Propeller

    Rob Acid - Brainfood (Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday remix)

    Love this dark, atmospheric, pumping, trancey techno. I guess it's techno but it can easily fit into a trance and even proggy set. The sound quality in the youtube vid doesn't do it justice, a HQ mp3 is required for full appreciation.
  8. Propeller

    Vincent De Moor presents Flashbang - Energy Reflect (2004)

    My favourite Vincent De Moor track. Pumping kick and high energy bassline with melodies that are simple and complex at the same time with many layers.
  9. Propeller

    Robert Elster - Quarantine EP

    In case you missed it in April, Robert Elster, formerly of Vibrasphere, put out new material on a 4 track EP with a variety of styles. My favourite track was Circuit Sailor which closely resembled the Vibrasphere sound. Others were pretty good too, like the wicked drum n bass of Closed Eye...
  10. Propeller

    Spamming in Upcoming Releases?!

    Alright, so it's not technically spamming as each post is about a different release. However, when the same people are posting a few posts in a row most days and they're all steroid uplifters then it does in reality become spamming. 😄 Not sure what the solution is if that's what most people...
  11. Propeller

    Section for selling/buying CDs, vinyl or audio gear?

    How about a section for those looking to buy CDs, vinyl or audio gear or those looking to sell?
  12. Propeller

    Old tracks reworked and re-released

    This thread is a different variation of the tracks-ripping-off-other-tracks thread. It's for old tracks that have been officially reworked or remixed by the same or different producers and given an official release. Post your original and reworked tracks and opinions on whether it's an...
  13. Propeller

    Coeus - Beyond Dreaming EP

  14. Propeller

    Electronic Artists & DJs: Fair pay for producers // Fair Trade

    A Facebook group has been set up by Luke Chable to campaign for "better pay equality for music producers/artists". Their basic grievance is that DJ's play someone else's music in clubs and at festivals and get paid fees without any of this going back to the artists whose records they play...
  15. Propeller

    Mistique Music

    Can someone recommend me tracks from this label please? The kind of tracks like the one below, from JOOF's 2010 e-mix. This is the kind of stuff I'm into, proggy/trancy, driving basslines, etc. So many tracks on Beatport from this label and don't know where to start.
  16. Propeller

    What's in your crate right now? (Latest Music Purchased Thread)

    Post your recent digital purchases here, the gems you've found and want to share with others, the golden oldies you've rediscovered or simply the stuff you're into and bought recently. Doesn't just have to be trance but do keep it to electronic music. I'll kick off with my recent fix of...
  17. Propeller

    Comment 'likes' ?!

    Why is there an option for Facebook style likes for comments in these forums? This is something that is characteristic of social medial platforms. Forums like this are better off without it. The option to like comments encourages popularity contests. It detracts from having a meaningful...