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  1. TwinSilo

    Remotif - Substation Fever EP [space•lab]

    Rad release, the Adam Pitts mix is awesome.
  2. TwinSilo

    OUT You Are My Salvation - Remnant / Desolated [Forescape Digital]

    Must have missed this before. Desolated is good.
  3. TwinSilo

    VA - Movement: One [Black Hole Recordings]

    Expectations high for this. I wonder why Coredata used a different alias, maybe he’s trying a different style from his usual platypus inspired work
  4. TwinSilo

    Soundcheck - Mindrive [1999]

    Never heard the this. Kick ass track
  5. TwinSilo

    Spray - VT Trad [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

    Vt-Rad is the one I will come back to
  6. TwinSilo

    OUT Definitions & Slipstream - Subterfuge / The Lie [Borderline]

    Both good, typical Borderline lack of adventure, but I like the sound. The Lie is really good.
  7. TwinSilo

    OUT Satoshi Fumi - Ion Tail EP [Bedrock Records]

    These are rad as hell man. Ion Tail landing so nicely.
  8. TwinSilo

    M.I.K.E. Push - Oxygen Of The Soul [FSOE]

    Solid but I cant say it blows me away. An improvement from his recent work.
  9. TwinSilo

    Joker Jam - Innocence (Original/Planisphere and Paul van Dyk Remixes) (2001)

    All totally outstanding. This is what Trance is about
  10. TwinSilo

    The Auranaut - People Want To Be Needed [1999]

    I could listen to the sunrise mix endlessly. How ambient Trance should be.
  11. TwinSilo

    UFOs and Aliens

    New UAP video released by the Pentagon. Secret tech, or something else? Where is the evidence of propulsion or wings? Unfortunately the pentagon did not release the speed and size. They don't know what it is.
  12. TwinSilo

    TranceFix Radio #12 - TF Best of 2022 Mix III Ambient | Downtempo - mixed by Narel

    Nice, will be downloading and saving it for my next big flight.
  13. TwinSilo

    Mystica - African Horizon/Bliss [1998]

    From one of the best GU. Killer beginning with this one.
  14. TwinSilo

    UFOs and Aliens

    Dude you were the one that brought it up, what do you want me to say? You said that these folk are too stupid to know whats going on, that they have no idea about physics and the likes. I'm just pointing out your wrong, that the Director of National Intelligence has a literal degree in physics.